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Fallacies Of New Age Practices

New Age Healing Practices can be great and wonderful and so effective. At their core, they are pure and focused on what healing is all about. However, all too often, these practices take on a structure that alters the healing and forms it into something that is more of an institution. I have watched from a distance how this unfolds in so many new age healing practices.

Even though we have the best intentions in the world, it seems like we fall prey to the inadequacies within ours self as healers. We bypass the things that make sense to us deep within our gut and body, for the ability to have as many people connections as we can. We become an organization, complete with followers, rather than stay completely true to ourselves. I am sure that the most noble of healers come to this crossroads at some point in their path and hopefully they have their eyes open wide enough to see where their path becomes derailed.

So what are the fallacies of new age healing practices?

1) Telling a great story that draws people in, where they are mesmerized to the point of signing up for just about anything you are offering that night, regardless of how it truly connects with them.

2) Claiming that you are the only one with these abilities, healing practices or that they have been delivered personally to you from some named entity. Please note, that I know we all pick up on things and there are probably some supernatural experiences but this claim is made way too quickly these days without explanation or a testing of the facts. I'm sorry if I am raining on anyone's parade but this is beginning to get out of hand in the new age world.

3) Appearing as if you have all the answers to whatever issue comes your way. It seems like it is a rarity to hear a healer say, "I'm sorry, but I've got no idea how to help you and this is probably beyond my scope of practice." I've witnessed this deficiency over and over all the time in various people, organizations and practices.

4) Spending more of your time developing classes and giving lectures, seminars or writing books and materials versus the time that you are actually working to help heal people. Sure, I understand that maybe your path involves teaching others but if you aren't doing the work on a consistent basis, than how can you claim it is helping others? Students of your work may or may not prove that your work is helping to heal others.

5) Doing the work on others but doing nothing on yourself or not participating in trades with others. How can we heal others if we don't continually work on ourselves? That seems very inauthentic to me!

6) If you are not able to sustain yourself with your work than there is a lack of authenticity to what you do. At first when you are starting out, this may be the case but if your life is helping others, I fully believe the universe will respond appropriately.

7) The amount of money you charge or don't charge is a fallacy of new age practices. I have seen people ask the universe for abundance and then yet, they do not ask for any payment from their clients. I recently read something by a friend that stated how much this puts the healing relationship out of balance. On the other hand, I have seen healers charge exorbitant fees for their services claiming that they are worth every cent. Somehow, I have a difficult time believing the universe looks at this as normal. After all, the people that most likely need the healing the most aren't the one with big pocket books!

8) Only communicating with those that regularly see you may limit the amount of contacts you make in a month but they often leave behind those that need the moment of connection. I believe that communication is not just when you are in the office being treated but in those times when life is so very difficult. It is part of the healing process and part of being authentic. It is not just about communication that is convenient for the healer.

9) Realizing that not all clients progress at the same rates or on a linear progression. As healers, we most likely are not on a linear progression in our evolution. Depending upon what a person has gone through, it may take considerable time to truly unravel the intricacies of traumatic moments in their life. When the damage is great to an individual, so is the time it takes to heal, process and heal some more. If it becomes too much in too short of a time, it can overwhelm the person to the point of break down. Be patient with your clients and try not to put unnecessary burdens of expectations on them.

10) Each healing modality that you do or are aware of has only so much provable truth within it and the rest is what you and your mind or other followers derive. While that may serve you well at times, you need to recognize that there are limits. Many times, what we feel is effective is nothing more than a placebo, yet we fail to allow our self to see this. By doing that, we do more harm than we do good to our clients.

As healers, we must realize we are human and that it is not about being perfect or being put on a pedestal that makes us effective. Effective healing is about being as true to our self as we can in the moment we are at in our life. However this takes shape and form is entirely appropriate as long as we are true and honest with our self and evolving in awareness.

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