Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charades Of Life

Every day we get up in the morning, we have two choices. One choice is to just go about our day as if nothing that we do matters or impacts the world. The other choice is to get up and declare that somehow today we are going to impact the world in a positive way. Unfortunately, there are far too many of us that wake up only as an existence in life and nothing more, playing the charades of life.

While we claim to follow our news of the day fix in such a way that enlightens us and makes us the one that is right, we are only misleading ourselves. Much of what we consume in a day makes us more into an existence rather than a leading and positive force in the world. To much of what we consume is nothing more than a beautifully wrapped empty box that looks like an expensive gift!

Sometimes we even follow the charades of life, listening to what the celebrity news forces of the day tell us is true. We might even follow the new age gurus of the day holding on to every word they say as if it is our existence. Yet, at the end of the day, where has this gotten us? Please don't answer that a warm fuzzy feeling is enough, because while this is nice, it doesn't prove much more than an existence.

For you see, if we just sit there and take in all these charades and spread the group speak between people that are like us, what have we really accomplished? Are we doing any more than just existing? Is this anything other than following the charades of life? It might make us feel warm and mushy inside but unless we get past ourselves and truly use our brains to evolve in awareness, we're nothing more than billions of cells occupying space.

We all play charades of life, whether it is through the things I mentioned above, or by not doing what we need to do for our life. It could be through taking medications for deficiencies in our body when maybe there is another way that needs to be explored and requires us to go deeper within ourselves. Another way may be that the only thing we want to hear is what we hear and that which we truly need to hear floats right past our ears. Fears and ego often mask themselves in ways that unless we have our eyes open, they infiltrate our thoughts, words and actions. Of course, the world of politics is one of the biggest charades of life based in fear, greed, power and control!

Now, if you're sitting there saying, I don't play the charades of life, I have news for you! We all do this and that includes myself. We can fool ourselves into thinking that we don't, but then we are only existing in life. So, please have an intervention with yourself and open your eyes. Be the observer in your life, not the couch potato!

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