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Fear Is The Weapon Of Control

Fear is alive and rampant in our society and every day life. Most of us go through life, not even recognizing just how intimately involved we are with fear. It is as if we are having a secret affair with fear, yet no one including our self knows about it.

Where does fear show up? There are so many ways that it is hard to list them all. However, let me start with some of the top ones that I see displayed throughout our society.

The Government
The government which is by the people, for the people and of the people or namely, each one of us, is one of the greatest sources of fear. Through our "boogieman" that has been created, we are scared into complacency. Since our government has the truth and information that we are all led to believe in, we succumb to the fear that the "boogieman" is around the corner, hiding and waiting to attack us. One could argue that this is truly the case but just as I want to believe that, I so remember the drills in elementary school of getting under the desk in case the communists came and bombed us. Of course, I never did know what a communist was but I was taught to be very afraid of it. Today, we have replaced the communists with other "boogieman" as fear is the weapon of control.

The Media
One of the biggest purveyors of fear is the media. They have this down to a science. The stories are about the most sensationalized events. Often, they talk about the what if scenarios and the calamity that would follow if a fictionalized event unfolded. Day in and day out, the media does this with graphic images that captivate our brain and seize every logical thought we hold. The repetition of these stories of calamity adds to the imprint of fears that we live with in our day. In fact, the fears that are reported begin to feed off of one another until they take on a life of their own. Again, fear is the weapon of control.

The Church
While I realize many people follow the tenants of church, at the heart of religious institutions, fear is used to control the masses. The fear of dying and spending an eternity in a lake of fiery hell is a strong motivation for people to donate to the church, follow without question what they say or hold the church and its leaders up on pedestals. I realize that many people who go to church and attend religious institutions claim to think logically for themselves but in many ways, they are only fooling themselves. If you are an observer, you will see quickly how much fear rules the lives of the church followers. Of course, this does not just stop with the church but it has permeated the new age practices of the day. Fear is the weapon of control in the church.

The Economic Markets
In our day and age where the economy and the markets have taken a beating, we are taught that if we don't do our part and spend our money, the economic conditions of this country will decline. I am still mesmerized by the movie, I Am, where the person was demonstrating how the Stock Markets were created as if they were a human entity. When in fact, we as humans created this system and we control it. Yet, we live in fear of this system as it appears to control each one of us, whether we invest or we don't invest our money. As I go around a city on trash day, or to the thrift stores, or even view the stuff being given away online, I see the evidence of what consumerism does to us as a people. We have so much stuff and we are so attracted to our stuff that we are losing sight of what really matters. The fear of the economy has attacked us and I don't believe it is for the best. Again, fear is the weapon of control to keep us spending more so that the collective "we" don't let the economy crumble!

The Medical Establishment
One of the greatest weapons of fear in the medical establishment is that the medical establishment holds all the answers to our health. What happens when you get a cold or get sick, you run to the medicine cabinet or the pharmacy or health care provider and get something to take, to get rid of what it is that you have. Unfortunately, many things that make us sick are a result of stress, overworking and past traumas that have went unresolved. Yet, we don't stop and take an inventory of our life or see what may be linked to these moments. All we do is run to someone or something to relieve us from what we fear most, our health. Today, there are drugs and procedures and practices for everything that promise to make you better. The sad part is, unless we go in and do what we need to for our body, all the health care practices in the world will not make us well. They will just mask the underlying problem until something else comes along and gets our attention.

I could go on and on about the fears that permeate every part of our society. They are the weapons of control and if we don't begin to become aware of them, they will be our biggest enemies. It does not mean we have to throw everything away that we have come to know and believe in our lives. However, if we do not evolve and grow in awareness of reality, than none of it will matter any longer. If we continue on the path we are on, we will succumb to the fears and it will no longer be just a weapon of control. It will be one and the same.

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  1. yes, until one thinks one never thinks about the fears we live with, for this reason so many people are on medications to prevent things they don't even have, we alarm our homes, our cars, we buy insurances for everything we have, fear is a great way to generate our control you just create fear. Saudis create fear directly buy public shootings, cutting of arms, etc..and here in the west we create fear with health, personal safety and more. I think this is the reason most mediums and psychics when they speak with spirits fear is one of the things spirit warns against, not to have fear..I remember that was like among the first 10 topics given to me was about fear, and how fear can actually stagnate us and keep us from growing. i.e. truly there is no death, but most people fear death..this is due to the churches that are preaching heaven and hell, punishment, day of judgement. For this reason I enjoy the spiritualist churches, because they don't focus on all the nonsense but only on good and positive/loving God/Spirit. thank you for this topic..






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