Thursday, August 11, 2011

Between Me, You And God

As I see the headlines regarding Warren Jeff's abuse of his nephew and many others, come across the news wire, I am saddened at the statement my eyes read.

Quoting from, "He began to tell me that we were going to do God's will," he said Jeffs told him. "This is between me, you and God."

Such a profound statement that rips the fabric and essence of life from a little boy or girl, when they are abused by monsters such as this. Using religion to get their way and control the child is despicable beyond belief!

Unfortunately the words, that Brent Jeff's shared, that it was between me, you and God, are all too familiar to my ears. I heard these same words. While I am saddened that another little boy experienced these things, I'm somewhat in awe of the realization that I was not alone with this.

Yes, I know that there will be people who say that he doesn't truly represent what the Mormon church stands for or that he is not a true Christian or he is someone that has sinned and fallen short in his life. These words though, to the ones of us that have experienced these things, are nothing more than a knife ripping old wounds apart.

We as a civilized society of human beings should hold not only Warren Jeff's accountable but all the organizations and followers who provided the fertile soil for these acts to take place. We should not excuse anyone with explanations and grandstanding just to make our own self feel better. These people, such as Warren Jeffs are monsters. They are not human!

My hope is that Brent Jeffs will be able to heal from the confusion he most likely feels. My hope is that others who are inside these religious institutions or families and experiencing the same thing, will know that this is not right, you are not alone and it is time to come forward and speak out.

No child, whatever the age deserves to have these horrible acts done to them. No child, whatever the age, deserves to be treated with anything but the utmost respect.

Those of us who are the adults and the caretakers in this world, need to stand up for the little children and say, enough is enough. We are not going to let this happen anymore! I will no longer allow it to happen on my watch! If we allow anything less to take place, we are failing not only the children of this world, but the entire world!

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  1. Sick people are in all faiths, they are not well mentally and for these people to even involve God in their lives or beliefs is totally evil I like to think. Thank heavens we live in a country where we don't tolerate such people or ways and we are not afraid to talk/persecute...Because there are more good people in the world than the few bad apples.






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