Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It Isn't The Outrageous Shows

All too often, people of this country (and maybe other countries) get caught up in what the news pundits and media are up in arms about.  Yes, I know the goofballs out there tend to hype up everything and anything.  They scream, rant, rave, and ridicule so people will tune in and listen to them.  They make themselves look goofy, while trying to act as if they have something to say.

Unfortunately, it isn't the outrageous shows that cause the problems in our country or throughout the world.  Yes, they add to the problem, but there is a little known fact that too many people overlook.  If these people did not have an audience, they wouldn't be making millions yapping their gums every day.  Think about that for a minute.  It may sound harsh, but it is true.  See, in order for these goofballs to spew the hatred and outrageous statements that they do, they need an audience of willing participants.  Sure, I know - everyone believes that to be informed, you have to tune into these nut jobs, but in all reality - YOU DON'T!

Do you want to know how to change the discourse of these outrageous shows?  Just don't watch them and I mean all of them.  Their entire reason for their existence is to hook you into what they say, so they can sell more advertising and pay themselves enormous salaries.  You could have the buck stop with you though by choosing to not watch the stuff.  The less you watch of it, the less it impacts your day.  Yes, there will always be nuts out trying to get attention, but as the sign in Jellystone park says, "don't feed the bears".  There is a reason for that!

If we want change what happen in our life and in the world, it starts with us.  We do not change other people's lives by getting them to listen to us.  They change their life when they are ready and they become conscious of what they are doing.  Yes, you can attempt to inform others of what you feel they need to do, but in the end the change we seek has to start with us.  If you want the outrageous shows to go away, do not give them one second of your time and encourage others to do the same.  Fill your days with things that are good for your life.

No matter where you go, there's always going to be hatred, evil, and people spewing things from their obicularis oris muscles that have nothing positive to do for our world.  It doesn't have to become part of your world though and you can choose what you listen to, take in for any given day or how you view things.  Most of the news, media and politics out there are all about control and hooking you into their beliefs and opinions.  The best thing you can do is just say NO because it isn't the outrageous shows that are the problem - it is the people viewing them!

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