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Consciously Connect With My Body

Recently I received a question from a reader of my blog.  That question was essentially,  "How Do I Consciously Connect With My Body".  Although I would never share what I receive in email, I felt that the response I wrote to the person was ideal for this blog.  I do honor and respect any email that is sent to me, but the information in the response is meaningful to anyone reading this blog.

The blog post in reference for this question was "Tense Muscles - Symptoms Of Stress, Part 1" that was published on April 28, 2010.  While there is more to the email than what I am referencing out of respect for the privacy of this person, the basic premise of "how do I consciously connect with my body" is the most important point of this blog post.  The following words are my response and I hope you find them helpful as well. 

 My Response:

A couple of great books I have read on this subject include Peter Levine’s “Waking The Tiger” and Dr Joe Dispenza’s “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself”.

While there is a lot we can do on our own, sometimes it requires that we seek out the healing hands of someone who is grounded and understands the conscious connection of our mind and body.  All too often, we try to connect through our conscious mind and when we do that (as Dr. Joe Dispenza writes in his book), we are still running the programs of fear and other emotions in our mind.  You might compare it to trying to change the oil in a car while driving down the interstate.  Of course, we might see that as silly, but in many ways, we do that with our body.

It is often when we sort of “give up” and “allow” ourselves to go into these areas of tension that we find the messages they hold.  I recognize that is not easy and I struggle with it at times myself.  When things get too much, I seek out some people who can help me doing bodywork that takes me out of myself and helps me find the courage to go into those moments. 

One thing I have learned is that sometimes the tension or pain I am experiencing is teaching me something I need to learn or connect with even though it is difficult to go through.  Sometimes I try to rush the process just to take myself out of the pain, rather than viewing it from the perspective of learning what I can by allowing the pain.  Again, this is not always easy to do especially if there is underlying fear or emotions that are fueling the tension and pain.

I don’t personally believe (and this is coming from my own experience) that it is all just mind over matter or thinking a certain thought.  When tension and pain show up in the body, the brain is trying to get our attention in some way or some form.  We may not always know or understand what that is at that moment, but there is more to what is going on.  The more we can be the observer and view everything as it is, the more we will find the source of what is taking place.  The more we can ask and question the tension or pain, the more we will come to understand it.

In all reality though, there are times that we need the help of another person in order to find our way through moments such as this.  As humans, we are meant to help one another evolve in awareness and consciousness.  It sometimes takes the connection with someone else to help us walk through the flames (tension or pain) because trying to do this on our own is more than we can find the courage to do.  

Picture it as if you are walking a tightrope for the first time.  If you try to do this on your own, you might not make it and fall to the ground.  However, if you have someone to hold your hand as you learn to get your balance, then in time you will find yourself walking the tightrope as if it is flat ground.  Sometimes we just need that help or we need someone to hold on to that understands and is grounded to take us through the moment we are in. 

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