Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily Angel Meditations September 10

Another website that I have created and write for daily is filled with positive and uplifting messages of growth and awareness.  It is called Daily Angel Meditation and is created from my morning meditations with the angels.  As I take time out in the beginning of my day, I record whatever comes to me.  I start out with a blank piece of paper and no preconceived ideas of what to write.  I then allow the words to fill the page, connecting with what my angels have to say.

Here are selected blog posts beginning the week of August 26, 2012.  I have tried to summarize them briefly and give the actual link to them.  To visit the website, just go to .

August 26, 2012 (Sunday)

Topic:  Find Your Path And Stay Focused
Sometimes it is easy to look at our life as full of problems and situations beyond our control.  It is easy to see it as a treacherous and uphill path full of dark and stormy days.  If we find our path and stay focused, we will find the nuggets of gold.

August 27, 2012 (Monday)

Topic:  Allow The Uncertainty Of Life
Sometimes life gets so uncertain with twists and turns, but if we allow the uncertainty of life to happen, then we can find our deeper truth in the answers we seek.  It isn't so much about knowing what is around every turn, but living each day looking for what we get in our journey.

August 28, 2012 (Tuesday)

Topic:  We Are Connected
In our days and our lives we are often not aware of all the ways that our lives touch and connect with everything in the universe.  This is our reminder that even the things we do not see are all connected in one way or another.

August 29, 2012 (Wednesday)

Topic:  Angels Are Watching Over Me
Three birds followed by a fourth showed up this morning and I felt such a connection to them.  As their bodies glowed in the sunshine, I felt as if they were watching out for me and sending me love.  It was a beautiful moment to be reminded that angels are watching over me..

August 30, 2012 (Thursday)

Topic:  Stop And Notice Joy And Gratitude
If we are not careful, we lose sight of all the joy and gratitude that is happening in our day.  Even though we sometimes are blinded by fear and worry, it is still there waiting for us to allow it into our life.  In order to connect with it, we need to stop and notice joy and gratitude.

August 31, 2012 (Friday)

Topic:  Evidence My Angels Exist
Because of fear and my own ego, I did not want to acknowledge for a long time that my angels existed.  Time and time again I have seen evidence of this but I was to afraid to allow it.  Now, I can clearly see the evidence my angels exist and I am learning to embrace these things.

September 1, 2012 (Saturday)

Topic:  See The World Through Love
Even though we may not always be aware of how our words come across to others in this world, we can often inflict serious pain.  We need to greet others through unconditional love and learn to see the world through love.

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