Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Choose

Many times we think we are in a situation where we have little control.  We look at those moments that we need something or we want something to happen.  Yet, we are just giving our self the illusion that we we have a handle on whatever it is that we are dealing with in life.  Through all of this we will come to understand that the power within us lies when we realize we choose for our life and our moments, rather than we need or want.

This has come front and center for me in many ways.  Initially, I was talking to a very gifted healer and she shared with me that we need to look at things not as if we need them or want them, but we choose them.  In fact, she told me to look at it from the perspective that I choose whatever it is that I did.  It wasn't just something that happened on its own necessarily or that I had little control over.  The mantra or thought of "I Choose" was the way forward for me.

You see, when we choose something, it gives us the possibility of making another choice.  If we don't like the choice we made, we are free to make a new choice.  It is all up to us and the power is within our mind and body.  On the other hand, if we just look at something in our life as being a thought of needing it or wanting it, we've giving up the power to forces outside of ourselves.  It is about becoming conscious in our life, rather than just riding life through as if we have no control.

Let take an example of chocolate.  It is a weakness I struggle with.  I can go days without it, proving that I don't need chocolate.  However, at some point after I have denied myself chocolate, it is like unleashing the hounds of hell and there is nothing holding them back.  No matter what, it seems like I need chocolate or I want chocolate.  It is like I have no control.  I am powerless to the forces and tastes and desires of chocolate.

If we re-examine this concept in the form of "I Choose", rather than I need or I want, it starts to give it a different perspective.  What if instead of looking at chocolate as something I have no power over, I see it as a choice I am making?  What if instead of seeing it as a desire I can't live without, I see it as a choice to make of what I put into my body?  If I choose what I eat, then I hold the power of what goes into my body.  If I choose when I eat chocolate or how much chocolate I eat, then I am the one who is empowered, instead of feeling powerless.

While this example is one related to food, this applies to our life in many ways.  We all do things in a day whether they are conscious or unconscious and therefore, we make choices as to what these things are.  From burning the candle at both ends, to beating ourselves up over every little thing, we are choosing to deny who we truly are.  We are choosing to not get to know who we are, but we are treating our mind body connection as if it doesn't exist.

Think about how we react to other people and how we engage in our day with the world around us.  We could say that it is our responsibility to respond to others and participate in the practices of society for any given subject, political cause or new story.  Yet, even though we feel that we need to participate or we want to participate, it doesn't always mean we need to do this.  We may just be giving our power up to events and situations that are created by an energy which does not have our best intentions at heart.  Instead, if we looked at it from the perspective that "I choose", than we reclaim our power in how we spend our time, focusing it in ways that may build up the world around us, rather than tearing it down.

There are many ways that we choose what happens to us and often we are so unconscious.  If we shift ourselves and our thoughts to how we make choices, than we will find that a new world of possibility opens up to us.  It is when we see how "I Choose" empowers us towards life, rather than being dis-empowered towards a life of need and want.  When we choose, we choose power, but when we fail to choose, we hand that power over to everything around us, and then wonder why we are struggling so hard.

I'm sure you can come up with many more examples than I am discussing here.  These are just a few of the ones I can think of as I write this.  However, in all things from our health to situations we face in life, we are making choices.  It is up to us to understand how the choices we make are either conscious or unconscious.  It is up to us to realize when we have given up the power of our choice to settle for needing and wanting things that we cannot grasp.  May we all begin to understand that to empower our life means "I Choose" to do what is necessary for my growth, awareness and consciousness of my mind and body.

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