Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspired Music Creativity

Yesterday, I sat down to pull a couple of songs off of my keyboard on to my laptop.  My keyboard only has room for a few songs before it runs out of memory.  I find that if I record it to my keyboard and then pull it on to my laptop later, that it works much better that way.

For me, I record in the moment.  It isn't like I create the songs piece by piece and I cannot usually go back and replay stuff.  Having the ability to press a button and record as I"m playing is very helpful to me.  Otherwise, I would lose most of the things I create.

On this particular day though, I felt completely inspired.  In fact, instead of just pulling down a couple of songs to my laptop, I started to record a couple more for a project I am working on.  This project has been in my thoughts for a long time.  It is a different kind of project and I'm really working outside of my normal element here.

It was like my recording session was inspired music creativity.  I don't know what happened, but I laid down all the tracks within a few hours.  One after one, they just seemed to happen.  That never happens when I'm recording and usually I run out of creative energy or I get worn out because it sometimes drains me.  Yet, on this day, they just came out of my hands without hardly any problems or major errors.  In fact, the music sounded perfect for the project I'm working on.

All I can say is that the music was inspired.  It was creativity at its finest flowing from somewhere deep within me and connecting to something I cannot describe.  There have only been a couple of times that would equal this moment where I was so moved by the inspired creativity of the music.

There is a lot of work to be done on this project to get it into the form that I want to have it.  The combination of the music and the way I am working the sounds together is something new.  Just spending time working with it, I can feel the effects of it on myself in a matter of minutes.  I'm hoping the final project leads to a wonderful result in the end.

I'm just so thankful for how inspired I was that day because it all came together so quickly and with much ease.  It makes me stop and think about how I might just be tapping into something that is coming to me from a very deep and connected place within myself and the universe.  I am a little fearful as to how it all will work and if it will work, but after the other day of inspired music creativity, I am more hopeful that I am following the right path.

Please stay tuned to the blog for more on this because I am working hard to bring this project together.  This particular project may take some funding to get some engineering work done on the songs, but if that is meant to be, I'm sure what is needed will show up.  If you want to check out more of my music, you can go to the About Page on this blog.

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