Friday, September 28, 2012

Just Relax A Little

I finally took my own advice and just took some time off to relax.  It was so much fun getting away from the computer, writing, and all the stresses in life.  Sure, I love writing and doing the things I do, but with other worries that sneak upon me, it is just fun to let loose, kick the heels up, and relax a little.

We took a short trip to Savannah, Georgia.  After coming through there on the way home from another vacation a year ago, we wanted to go back and spend more time in the city.  It is such a beautiful city with trees that line the streets as if the streets were carved into the trees.  The landscape varies greatly and the history of the city was evident at every turn.

Spending time down on the river front, I saw all kinds of people that were just enjoying a nice fall day in the sun, to those performing their given skill and talent for others to observe.  The many shops showcased various artwork from local artists that came in all sizes, shapes and flavors.  It was mix of the old historic area in with the new and all of if felt so peaceful.

We had a chance to go to Tybee Island and hang out for a few hours.  There is a beautiful pavilion and boardwalk there that a person could just sit in for hours.  I can imagine sitting there with not a care in the world, with the view of the ocean stretching beyond imagination.  It was so laid back and peaceful there that one could not help but just relax a little.

Of course, just seeing the ocean and connecting with the sunset on Tybee Island was very beautiful and breathtaking.  Whenever I am around the ocean, it really makes the problems in life look pretty small.  The things that we can easily get hung up on, pale in comparison to the vastness of the ocean.  The sunset you see in this picture was just one of those moments that is implanted into my mind forever.

One of the things that I am drawn to in downtown Savannah is the central shopping area and park.  It just felt like even in this big city, you could walk down there as if it were a Sunday afternoon in Mayberry.  Watching the horses go by and listening to the street musicians, or watching the colorful fountain at night, it was like time stood still.

Of course, no trip to Savannah, Georgia would be complete without a visit to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady And Sons.  This was our second visit to her restaurant and they have a top notch place.  The food is superb, service is wonderful and well, it is Paula Deen.  For me, I just love her and think she would be fantastic to hang around.  No, I'm not that good in the kitchen (not like her), but I've learned a lot from her in the simple cooking shows she does on the Food Network.

I really needed this time to just relax a little.  It isn't often that we get to do as much of this as we want, but when it happens, my mind, body and spirit are renewed and refreshed.  It helps separate ourselves from the stress we endure and gives us a time to really stop and focus on what matters in life.  It is too easy to get so busy in life, but sometimes we just need to stop and reacquaint ourselves with what is important and just relax a little.

If you ever get a chance, take a trip to Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Island.  You will enjoy it and I'm sure you will relax a little.  It is well worth the trip and you won't regret it - especially if life is stressing you out!

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