Thursday, September 6, 2012

Black Bear In Forest Dream

While listening to some meditative music and breathing, I had a dream appear.  I was walking through a forest with very tall trees.  It seemed like a beautiful forest  with a winding pathway, hills and patches of light showing through the trees.

As I was walking, I saw a black bear up ahead in my path and when I noticed it, it was looking at me.  I then stopped for a minute, not sure what to do, but the black bear just stayed up ahead.  It knew I was there and was like it was waiting patiently for me.

Then I saw it stand up and beckon me with its paw almost like I needed to follow it.  I proceeded to walk forward, and it started to move forward at the same pace.  It was like it was calling my attention to keep going.  It was a big, beautiful black bear with a shiny coat.

The black bear in the forest dream happened around 6pm on 8/7/12.

Doing some online research on what bears in a dream mean, it could very likely correlate with a time of introspection that I am going through and some major moments of healing and change in my life.  I got the feeling like it was beckoning me to come down a path that seems uncertain and somewhat frightening.  It was almost like, I'll help you through this path and I'm hear to keep the bad things away.  There may also be some truth to one explanation that I have great determination and dedication to the task at hand.

A forest in a dream signifies the unconscious side of our life according to what I could find online.  It is the searching and discovering of our path.  This fits in line with what I think the dream meant to me.  What is actually amazing is that I had this during a time of meditation, instead of at night when I was sleeping.  I do day dream, but generally dreams like this only happen to me at night.

I actually do think bears are magnificent creatures and feel attracted to them, so maybe it is one reason why they will show up in my dreams.  Here is another blog posts from May 2011 about Bears In Dreams.

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