Wednesday, September 12, 2012

World Changes And Shifts In 2012

I know there are many books written on this subject, and while I have no way to prove or disprove any of their projected findings, I find myself coming back to this issue over and over.  To me, there are significant changes and shifts happening in our world.  The things that are unseen and to the point of being ahead of our time are beginning to show up.  Of course I don't know anymore than anyone else how the world will change and shift in 2012.

Here are some of the things that I notice and some of these changes and shifts have been going on in the world long before 2012.  I just think they are accelerating.  Please feel free to leave a comment with your perceptions and what you notice.

  1. Days are moving by quickly.   In fact, it feels like the hours, days and weeks just fly by without ever stopping for a break.  Sometimes it feels as if a day or a few days zips on by without notice and I find myself wondering where those days went.  Often for me, the days of the week seem disjointed and they don't match up with reality.  I wonder at times if someone is playing with the clock and calendar trying to mess with my mind, but I honestly believe it is part of a bigger shift taking place in this world.
  2. Creativity Has Left The Building.   While I don't want to act like there is absolute no creativity in this world, there is a large percentage of it that is being recycled and regurgitated as creativity.  Instead of that new sound, new thought, or new idea, we're faced with reworking something that has already been created.  It happens day in and day out.  The world may be shifting and changing in 2012, but so far, our creativity has flat-lined.
  3. Healthcare is about drugs.  In this day and age we are inventing labels for all kinds of health conditions at a rate faster than we can invent the drug to treat the conditions.  We're not looking at the overall big picture of health and the human body, mind and soul.  Instead we are looking at one tiny little group of symptoms, then proclaiming that we have a certain condition that requires a drug, surgery, or some additional test.  The shift and change in this world has gone backwards because we are losing site of our own healing ability and our connectedness to our self.  Instead of understanding the power we hold within our body, we look to everyone outside of us for answers.
  4. The world is stagnant.  While there are isolated things going on through out the world from political wars to environmental concerns, the world just seems like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between paddles.  It isn't like we are moving forward as a world, but instead it appears that we have factions on both sides ready to aim, shoot, and fire.  We draw the line in the sand and dare the other side to step over it.  We as a world have no use for those who believe differently than we do.  As this world changes and shifts in 2012, I see this coming to a greater boiling point where sooner or later, it will have to change.  It does not have to be this way, but it requires each person to wake up.
  5. Technology is wasting our time.  I am one that loves technology and many of the toys that have already been created.  However, my main purpose for new technology is to help improve what I can do in a day and what I can create.  Outside of that, I'm bored by all the constant social interaction of technology and the constant barrage of information purported to be news.  We have gotten lost in our world by using technology to be our god and control our seconds and minutes.  As the world shifts and changes in 2012, we need to make technology work for us, rather than it wasting our time and working against us.
  6. The mind body interface is numb.  Many in this world can use the buzz words of mind and body without even giving it much thought.  However, the vast majority of humans fail to understand what it truly means to live within your body and to be connected to it.  We numb ourselves constantly in so many ways we cannot even identify or comprehend.  We give our power up to people, places, and beliefs, without ever checking out what is our truth inside our body.  If we continue to push our nervous system as hard as we are pushing it now, there will not be enough drugs in the world to balance this out.  The shift that I believe is happening is taking us into a time where we become reacquainted with our mind and body and spirit.
  7. The balance beam is lopsided.  All too often in life, we see things one way or the other.  We're taught to follow the teachings of our society and adhere to one political view point or another.  We're taught as kids to view our diet in one way, or view our spiritual life in another.  However, we are dangerously lopsided when it comes to balance in this world.  The poor balance beam doesn't know what to do or how to react.  My curiosity and questioning wonders what it is going to take to bring balance in the world as it changes and shifts in 2012.
  8. Advertisements play the game.  While you need to advertise your products in order to sell them, many of the ads these days are just downright dishonest.  They play a game with the human mindset in our world right now.  As a result, the ads focus more on disclaimers than they do on telling the truth of the product.  Of course, many products are just not necessary and so these companies have to find ways to create a need for them.  Their bottom line and the shareholders demand it, yet in the end as the world changes and shifts in 2012, it does very little to advance our civilization along.
  9. Greed is good!  Greed is at an all time high right now with the wealthy finding ways to control the masses and rake in more than ever before in history.  I can only think of the phrase, pride comes before a fall. Of course, the wealthy make it appear that they are doing good things for humanity, when they are really only stroking their own ego.  I have nothing against wealth, but when your money starts controlling you and keeping you from being a conscious individual, than I see you as being a drain upon society.  We need to work together and create a world that works for everyone, not just for a few as the world changes and shifts in 2012.
These are just some of the things that I see.  By no means do I have all the answers or do I think I'm the only one seeing this.  Unfortunately though if one tends to discuss this, they are either doing in a way that is not grounded, or they act as if this is just a bunch of new age mumble jumble.  Being out in la la land or being closed minded to that which you may not see, does not bring about an evolved human.  Just because you were taught one thing, it does not mean that these teachings are true or valid any longer.  Remember when people were killed and persecuted because they claimed the world was not flat?

All I can offer is what I see, feel and sense.  It is up to each person to search within for the truth that applies to their life, and discover who they truly are.  The more we learn to not numb our body and mind to life, the more we become human and discover so much more potential.

Learning to live in this present moment is what our life is about.  Worrying too much about what the future may or may not hold takes us out of living in the moment.  All we can control is what we present to the world each day of our life.  How we live in our own mind and body is how the world will react to us.  Collectively, it all comes together as one civilization.

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