Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding Unlimited Abundance In Unusual Ways

Some time ago I was introduced to something I desired, but was so afraid of and struggled with like there was no tomorrow.  I became aware of Christie Marie Sheldon and her Unlimited Abundance program, but I was so resistant to it in the beginning that I wrote a scathing blog post in that regards.  While I sometimes feel embarrassed for what I wrote, anyone reading this can see my own process of discovery and self exploration.  For that reason, I have left it posted to my blog because I feel like others out there are struggling with the same resistance.

The thing is, I did not become a millionaire listening to Christie Marie Sheldon's program.  No one knocked on my door and handed me a check for a large amount of money.  I didn't move into a brand new home, or buy a brand new car.  My life didn't magically change all at once. In many ways, I wasn't looking for instant riches for my life, just a way to connect with the possibilities of my life.

After listening to the program, my life started to change.  However, the way in which it changed was so slow and so little at each point, I really could not see it.  In fact, I went through some more intense and difficult moments after listening to her program.  There were some highlights and good moments, but all in all, I faced many challenges which I tried to hide from the world.  It was part of my process and part of my growth.

As I look back though, I see how each moment led me to the next and how they led me to tapping into the unlimited abundance of my life.  I needed to travel through these moments to learn the lessons that my life needed, and in so doing this I have now begun to see myself tapping into a force I never would trust before.

Maybe some would say that I am delusional in how I view all of this, but the thing is abundance did not come in the way I had forced my mind to think it would.  It has come in unusual ways that I would have never expected and I suspect that it is the same for most people.  The more I learn to let go and allow things to happen in my life, the more I see just what is there.  The more I get away from putting my life into the box I have designed with my beliefs, past experiences, and current awareness, the more I see the hope, possibility and potential for my life.

Finding unlimited abundance in unusual ways is what is bringing me to the point of truly providing for my life.  I'm not there yet, or at least it doesn't seem that way right now.  However, I can see how much I've been moving towards this on my path.

Putting abundance into a set of our own preconceived beliefs will only limit us.  Learning to discover our path and then tap into it, gives us a perspective of joy and gratitude that we may have missed.  I'm anxious to see what lies ahead as I shed all my long held opinions disguised as beliefs and continue to find unlimited abundance in unusual ways.  I can't help but think what I learned is exactly what Christie Marie Sheldon was trying to share with me and many others.

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