Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Has Changed In Six Weeks

Thinking back to six weeks ago, much has changed.  I remember at the beginning of August feeling like life had screwed me over so badly that I didn't care if I continued another day.  I felt tired, worn out, and left to rot by the wayside. I felt all alone and isolated from everything and everyone in the world.  My body ached and my heart was beyond sad and full of despair. It seemed like there was absolutely nothing to live for at that moment.

Fortunately I made the decision to go ask for help from a healer in South Florida by the name of Kathi Angeli.  She has helped me in the past and I knew that if anyone could help me cross over the hell that I was facing, it was her.  Taking a leap of faith and going to see her for a healing session, not knowing how I would pay for the trip, I was pleasantly surprised by unexpected income that showed up directly after the session.

As I look at my current moment, I see just how far I traveled.  It is like my life is as different as night and day.  I fully and completely realize that I am not the same person I was six weeks ago.  My outlook has changed.  I am much more in touch with the felt sense of my body and connected together with my mind as one entity.  I feel more at peace and full of joy and gratitude.  Instead of feeling isolated, I have had wonderful opportunities to meet some new people.

In addition to that, I conquered a major fear by giving an hour seminar on Relaxation Through Mind Body Awareness.  I was not sure if I could do this, but after the healing session with Kathi Angeli, I found the courage and strength deep inside me after I peeled the layers off from the pains of my past.  The talk went so beautiful and it really challenged people.  I was able to connect with some of the individuals in some very meaningful ways and feedback was very positive.  Even though I was nervous and afraid, I found the strength and support of my angels and my friends to see this through to completion.  I am so glad I did not give up.  I would have missed out on something so wonderful as a result of doing this talk.

There have been plenty of difficult moments in my life, but I'm emerging into a new world at this point.  It is a world I have never traveled before so the way is uncertain.  However, I'm facing the possibilities of what is ahead and how it may evolve, rather than seeing failure, disappointment and despair.  I feel the warmth of the connection deep into my heart.  I see that there is much more than I knew up to this point.

As in the healing session, one of the phrases that came out was "I am not going to let anything stand in my way".  My feet and knees and legs may tremble and my stomach may be full of butterflies, but one way or the other, I'm going to keep reminding myself that the angels are there for me, and that I have some awesome friends supporting me.  If I get out of the way and push past the fears, I am introduced to an entirely new world that has no limits!

Kathi Angeli works at the Regency Health Resort and Spa in Hallandale Beach, Florida.  You can go to their website for more information.

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