Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tired Of People Tearing Each Other Apart

Some days I would like to leave my life’s compass behind and just lay into some people.  Part of me just wants to put some people in their place.  The anger at the crap I hear every day in the news is enough to make a fish walk on land.  I’m so tired of the screaming of the mindless opinions on the internet, in the media, the churches and of course – politics.

While I’m sick and tired of all of the rhetoric out there, I try to keep myself from joining the masses.  After all, there are enough sick minds out there and I sure don’t need to add my two cents worth to the fray.  There are far too many people screaming and proclaiming they have the “truth” and what they “believe” is what everyone else should believe. 

Most of the people screaming don’t even understand what they are screaming about, but it doesn’t stop them anyway.  Facts mean very little when put in the totality of the beliefs they hold dear.  After all, it isn’t about justifying yourself to anyone.   It is just about pushing your beliefs upon others whether they have any interest in them or not.  It is like my dad used to say, it’s my way or the highway. 

There is no discourse in America.  It is either one side or the other and everyone lines up with preconceived rhetoric that they regurgitate at will.  There is no thought behind the words.  There is no listening to each other.  It is just shout and force your words upon others.  So what if it hurts others.  So what if you don’t practice love, but you preach it to the world? 

Then there are the others that sit by on the sidelines condoning and endorsing the rhetoric that is displayed.  They are the supporters and enablers of sick dysfunctional human beings because they can’t stand on their own two feet with their own ideas.  This accounts for about 99% of the people who aren’t out screaming.  Who can blame them, for maybe they secretly buy into the hatred disguised as love.

In the end, we can all lift one another up and build up the human civilization on this planet, or we can continue to do what we do best at this moment – tear each other down.  All these people who say they preach love and they love one another, but if you look at their words and actions – it is anything but love.  If that is their definition of love, than we need to rewrite spiritual literature and the dictionary. 

I realize the people who really need to think about what I write here, will most likely not read these words.  As much as I would like to enter the fray of being just another pundit and blogger, I am going to refrain.  My words here are enough.  Yes, they are full of anger and disgust because I am quite fed up with the human population at this moment.  I’m tired of seeing people just tear each other apart and acting holier than thou.  I’m tired of seeing people say one thing while having their head stuck up some place dark not seeing the lunacy of their words.

In the end, it is all up to each one of us to live our life in the way we feel we should live it.  It is not up to the politicians, ministers, or pundits to do this for us.  It is about whether we want to celebrate the 99.9% of our genetic code that we share, or despise and hate the .01% that is different.  It is all about us moving the world to a higher and more evolved place or seeing if our words of hatred, torment, and darkness can be highlighted as a viral video. 

I only wish that each person can quit running from the darkness they see inside and open up to the joy and peace that can be part of the human experience.  My hope is that we will evolve in awareness, rather than be taken over by our fear.  May you question your current motives and words and see if there is something within you that is not helpful to the world.  If you find an area, then by all means, do not hasten to make changes in your life.

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