Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Are We In So Much Pain

Are you going through moments in your life where you wonder if you can endure anything more?  A recent article I had published looks at pain and suffering and how we can find a way out.  Too many of us think that all the pain and suffering in life is there to stay and there is no way out.

However, there is a reason and purpose it is in our life.  The thing is, it is often easier to numb our life and escape to fantasy land, rather than taking a long hard look and going into the pain and suffering.  Medications, medical procedures, distractions of life, and substances will only prolong our journey.

In this article, I discuss some of the key points that Dr. Paul Canali made in a recent interview with me.  It is important information that you will most likely not hear from others in your life.  I urge you to read the article and then if you want to hear more, you can click on the links at the end to listen to the interview.  I believe the information in this interview is life changing.

Article Link:  Why Are We In So Much Pain?

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