Thursday, November 27, 2014

Silver Gel For Rashes and Itching

Many years ago I went through a condition that I thought would never show up again.  If you suffer from rashes or itching, you'll want to pay close attention to this post.  If you've ever been through a rash like what I have that about drives you crazy with the pain and itching, this product might be for you.  It worked for me! (based upon my own personal experience)

And no - this wasn't a placebo!

Most things out on the market never helped me.  Most over-the-counter products may have given a moment of temporary relief only to rebound and make the problem much worse.  I'm sorry if you're an over-the-counter product company and believe your products work, but they don't!  I've tried them and I'm not going back to try them again.  The last thing you want in a situation like this is something that makes the situation worse.  Yes, I'm sure you have all kinds of studies and marketing to prove your product works, but they don't!  At least they didn't for me. 

When this Silver Gel product was recommended to me by a trusted health practitioner, I was ready to try anything.  I was in deep pain and the constant itching of the rash on my feet was unbearable.  No, I'm not one to run to a doctor and take a prescription as I try to find more healthy approaches to healing.  You may disagree and think I'm wrong, however, I don't devalue doctors and their advice.  I try to find a combination of things that work for me. 

This blog post isn't meant to be in opposition to their advice.  It is not meant as a medical recommendation.  I'm just sharing what worked for me - personally.

Within moments of putting the Silver Gel on my rash, I could feel a calming effect on my feet.  It was almost like a "thank you God" moment.  After suffering so long from the rash and itching, it was a big relief I needed. By the next morning, I could see a vast improvement in the rash.  The rash was still there, but at least it wasn't getting worse.  Within a few days, I could really feel a big improvement and I could see the rash recovering.

ASAP365 Silver Gel is a cosmetic skin product and is not approved as a "healing product".  However, as stated on the tube, it helps promote natural healing.  Many people have had great success with it just as I have.  I don't know where I would be without it.

Now, I don't know about any of the other stories and forms of this type of product.  I did try the oral liquid stuff and it did absolutely nothing.  Others say that works for them, but I can't claim the same results.

I still have some healing left in my rash, but it is well on its way.  Once it improves a little more, I'll be blogging about this entire experience.  I know many others deal with rashes and itching, so if you do, click on the link to Amazon and get some.

I'm no doctor of course and so I can't prescribe anything for your particular situation.  In fact, you need to make an informed decision to use this product based upon the advice of your own medical provider.  It would not be legal for me to say you should use this and it will take care of your particular situation.  However, I can tell you that for me, the product was a lifesaver.  It has helped me dramatically.

And this recommendation is coming from someone that doesn't like to promote "products" on my blog.

ASAP365 Silver Gel (Ultimate Skin & Body Care) that helps promote natural healing.  Ingredients Listed On the Product:
  • 24 ppm patented silver solution
  • TEA
  • Carbomer

Please read more on my blog post about Healing The Itchy Hand Rash that I suffered from in 2011.

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