Thursday, November 20, 2014

There Is A Time And Place

We've lost out common sense and reasonableness in the world today.  Everyone thinks that their needs are above every other person.  It seems that our lives become more important than the lives of others around.  However, there is a time and place for everything.

I just saw a report that a high school football player got flagged for kneeling to pray after he made a touchdown.  Okay, I'm not sure why he got flagged for it, but I'm guessing there is some rule against doing some such behavior.  I'm not sure why he felt the need to hold up an entire game and his teammates and the spectators so he could grandstand with prayer in front of everyone.  What is that verse in the bible that talks about going into your closet and praying to your father in secret?  Hmmm, maybe he reads a different bible than I have? There is a time and place.

The other day I was working in a store doing some install work.  One straight couple came up near the area I was working and I swear they couldn't stop passionately kissing each other for the 15 minutes they were waiting.  Keep in mind they were within 3 feet of where I was standing.  It was a customer of the customer location I was at, so I could not say anything.  To me, it was selfish and rude.  I have no problem with people showing passion and love, but have a little respect for others.  If it would have been two gay people doing this, the couple would have been beaten.  Again, there is a time and place.

As I watch the people talk about what happened in the elections, they all know the facts and the results because somehow they are smarter than analysts looking at the data.  There is no concern for a rush to judgement or even a concern for the facts.  They just make statements of what they purport to know, not necessarily what is true.  This is modern day politics and news reporting these days, but again, there is a time and a place.

I've seen people make some of the stupidest statements when it comes to spirituality, religion, or new age healing.  A new age healer I know made a comment about a friend who had been struggling with cancer by saying "its their karma".  I couldn't believe it!  How insensitive can one get?   Needless to say, I have no use for a new age healing friend like this in my life.  If you don't have compassion, your not much of a healer.  Again, there is a time and place.

We all need to be more respectful of others.  How can we expect others to respect us, if we don't do the same to them.  We've lost our humanity in this world and everything boils down to a sound bite or opinion.  Let's all have compassion for one another and begin to see others through our eyes of love, rather than the eyes of judgement.

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