Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Change Begins With Us

We tend to look at "others" with the issues.  It is always someone else.  It is always another race, another group, another political position that has the issues.  It is never us.  It is them, they, or those people.  We point the fingers.  We make the tweets.  We obliterate different viewpoints on the news, as if this is really news.

We vow to make change.  We vow that things need to change.  We vow that it should not be this way, but yet, does it ever change?  Do we actually follow through or is it all forgotten in a week or two when the story dies down?  When the cameras are turned off and the news trucks are gone to the next sensational story, do we still vow to make change?

It isn't the other people out there with the problems.  It is each one of us.  What we see in others resides in each one of us collectively.  Yes, not everyone acts upon those things, but the energy and vibration still exist.  We're still collectively as much a part of the problem as "they" or "them" or "those people" are.

Everyone wants laws to change.  Everyone wants new political leaders and new corporate CEO's and new managers.  Everyone wants other nations including our own country to change.  Everyone wants everyone else to be different, act different, and think different.

Yet, very few go in and do the hard work of changing themselves and clearing themselves of all the residual forces they have had upon their own lives.  We cower with happy thoughts as we hide from all that is real in our life.  In fact, we have lost sight of what is truly real in our life, even if we recite 100 mantras every day.

If you want real change in the world and in the country and in your community, it begins with each person individually.  If we're not willing to let go of all that stuff in our life we drag along each day with us, how can we expect everyone else to change and do this?  It isn't just a mental exercise.  It is a brain-body exercise where you rid the body in connection with the mind of all that no longer serves you.

It isn't a once in a lifetime moment when you change your life.  It isn't something that you do once and proclaim you are healed and that all of life is good.  It is a constant movement of growth and clearing in your life.  It is a continual process of evolution from where you are to the potential you can become.

Before you allow the judgement of events here and abroad to cloud your view by talking about "those people" or "them" or "they", stop and see what it is in your life that is impacting you in this moment.  You can't control what others do, regardless of what laws are passed or even your best attempts at doing the right thing.

You can only control your choices and actions in this moment.  You can only control what it is that you focus upon and how you see it in this moment.  You can only be at one or be disconnected from yourself through numbing in this very moment.

Each of us has the power to grow and become more of who we are each day.  Each of us has the power to live life to the fullest, or just continue doing what we are doing because that feels safe.  It's not about others and what they do that will bring full potential to our life.

It is about what we do with this single moment we have, right here and right now.  It is what we do with that moment that makes us who we are as humans.  Let us change the world with what we do in this moment and let our focus be upon helping to change our own life which will have a ripple effect throughout the world and the universe.

Change begins with us.

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