Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bending Time And Music

I never really think much about this subject, but it is one that has always impacted my life.  Bending time and music gives so much depth to our every day experiences.  I don't believe time is any more consistent than most facts that we believe in.  I think there is a much more to this world than we often see, feel, experience, or know.

Today I saw two totally unrelated postings on social media about how many people felt off as to what day of the week it was.  It was like a collective mind thought of something we all take for granted.  What intrigued me more was how the two totally unrelated and unconnected event just caught my attention today.

Many may explain it one way or the other and sometimes it is often hard to say with certainty what is going on.  Yet, I don't think you can deny that something is shifting and changing in this world.  Sometimes those shifts and changes come with great struggle and difficulty because we are morphing from one plane into another.

Growing up and learning to play the piano, I learned to bend the music.  I'm sure people may have different thoughts and concepts about what bending the music means.  In my mind and how I let this show through was borrowing from one measure of notes into the next.  I kept the timing of the song, but for a split second, I borrowed from one measure and the next measure absorbed that extra space.  It is what I believe puts the feeling and emotion into notes which becomes a song and the song becomes music.

It has been said that Yanni has his own time signature.  His music creations transport you into a world of not only bliss, but inner peace as you travel through your own emotions in time and space.  His time signature works perfectly for the music he creates.

We are in moments in this world where much change has taken place and is still occurring.  Time shifts in subtle ways and what may feel like a brief moment to one person, may be an eternity to another.  When we experience love and deep peace, time tends to stand still.  When we face horrible circumstances in life, we yearn for life to speed up.

In all reality, whether it is a note that becomes a song, or a second that becomes a minute, at the basic simplicity are waves of energy.  The waves bend and peak according to the circumstances around them and they seek balance as the rhythm of life beats on.

May we not take for granted, this moment we have today.  May we not get stuck in a thought pattern that all is as we were taught.  We need to expand our own minds and bodies to see not only time and music, but the possibilities of discovering all that which we do not know and understand.

It is far too easy to follow that which we have been told is true, rather than discover that which we have yet to understand.  Let us not walk the path of least resistance, but travel into the path of great light.  Let us be masters of bending our own time and music as we discover fully what life is all about and how life transports us to so much more.

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