Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feel Your Body And Find Your Truth

All too often we want to believe and follow what others say.  Whether it is New Age thoughts or Religions or Politicians or the Media, we look to everyone for answers to our life's situation.  We fail to go in and look within ourselves.  When you feel your body, you will find your truth.

Yes, I know the buzz words flow these days and people talk about the mind body connection, but most really don't understand what that means. 

Until you have an experience that you can replicate and is part of your mind and body connection, you will only know what others tell you is the truth.  When you experience these things deep within your physical body while connecting them within the felt sense of your brain, it is then that you have discovered truth for your own life.

When someone has found their truth, there is no way anyone can tell them it doesn't exist.  There is no way anyone can claim you're wrong, because it is their truth.  It isn't something preached to you or pushed upon you.  It is experienced at a core level and experience.

It isn't mere words or happy thoughts.  It is emotions, feelings, thoughts, and a physical knowing.  It is much more than most of us have ever experienced.  It is a peace beyond the peace that people may experience from time to time.  It is a moment where time stops and all inhibitions are released.

It is a point far into our brain-body consciousness.  The point where every movement in a single moment is connected to the neurons firing and rewiring and learning.  The point where we have come home into our body and we know it is safe.

It is going through the fears and hopelessness and dread.  We travel through the painful moments knowing that beyond them lies a world that opens up to us.

For those that have been into this realm of possibility within the body, we know that we can come back here at any time.  We know that we can travel into the fears and pains and anger of life, allowing ourselves to continue experiencing a greater truth every time we do.

When you feel your body and your emotions and all that you are, it is then that you begin to find your truth.  The more you find your truth, the more life is something you are part of, but not controlled by through anxiety, depression, chronic pain and despair.

It is a beautiful place to find your truth.  May we all allow ourselves to go into the fears and truly feel our body in a way we have never done to this point.

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