Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Being Real Is Being Human

One of the things I keep trying to help people understand is being balanced in life.  I want people to be real and human.  Its okay to think great and wonderful thoughts full of happiness and love.  However, if you are hiding your head in the sand, you're not being real.  You're not being human.  You're not being anyone that others can relate to in this life.  We all need relatable people.

I grew up in a church background where everything was pray to God and God will solve all your problems.  God will always provide.  The funny thing was that these same people had more illness and problems then the population at large.  If God was helping them through their prayers and beautiful words of love, then "Houston, we have a problem".  I'm not saying the belief in God is bad and you should abandon it, but I just saw how abused and unreal it was.

There is nothing wrong with having happy thoughts or love in what you write or say.  The world needs this.  We all need this.  When woo woo land becomes the norm is when these thoughts and words take over for common sense and being real.  We've so lost common sense and realness these days.  Far too many in this world tend to live in the world of make believe.  For evidence, just look at all the reality TV shows that are on every day.

I see it in the churches and in the new age people.  No, not everyone does this, but it appears far too much in these groups.  These are the ones that want to help everyone, but through their actions and words as described above, they are doing everything but helping anyone.  There are far too few people in these groups that are real and genuine.  I know some and I cherish them. 

If you're down in a deep hole, having people tell you to think happy thoughts about manifesting a shovel or climbing out isn't going to do much good.  Instead, maybe if you went to get help for them, or got them a shovel, or reached down and offered your hand to them, they could climb out.

If a person is drowning out in the water and you see them, but you feel that you need to offer them the nourishment that you are preaching, you're not helping them.  Telling them that they need to hydrate themselves or whatever it is that you feel you need to tell them, isn't going to help them in that moment.  It may be something very important that you feel they need to hear, but it isn't going to help them in the moment.  Maybe offering a life raft to them or a rope or swimming out to help rescue them is what they need most.

If a person is grieving and dealing with loss in life, they don't need to know that this happens for a reason or that God is using this to help them or there is some lesson in it.  They don't need to be told that it is their karma or that it is because they have sinned and fallen away from God.  All they need at that moment is for a shoulder to lean on and cry with, to help deal with the enormous pain they are feeling.  They don't need judgmental words.  They don't need the shaming and you know what's best for them attitude.  They don't need someone telling them how to feel or think or how to move on and forgive or let go.  They just need someone there so they know that they are loved and that they will make it through this.

If a person is murdering someone, the best course of action is probably not to just say, I send you thoughts of love and you should just let others live the way they live because there is nothing you can do about it.  Instead, it probably would be best for you to go summon help and try to assist the person.  This would go for many instances in life we face, not just murder.

If people are making innocent comments of hate and you're just allowing it to go on as if it is their problem, you're part of the problem and not the solution.  All too many close their eyes and act as if these things aren't going on around them.  They watch the bullying take place and say nothing.  They watch the children as they are abused and act as if all is okay.  They see the domestic violence and yet fail to report it or do anything to assist.  In many ways, you are guilty by association.  Happy thoughts of love and separating yourself from these moments in whatever form it takes won't help the person.  You can convince yourself all day long that you are right, but at the end of the day, you're doing nothing to help.

I remember one instance where I had a rash covering my entire body.  It was horrible and hurt and was making my life a living hell.  The person that ultimately helped me heal it did not know where to begin.  However, the moment of healing happened when they grasped my hand and said, we're going to get through this together.  The words, the action, and knowing that someone was there to walk through this fire with me was more powerful than anything I have ever seen. 

Words have their role in life, but so does action.  Hiding your head in the sand does not help.  Allowing your ego to go and preach to others that you know what is best for them, is not helping humanity in the least bit.  We would be better off if we learned from our ego, rather than letting it control far too much in our life.

Humanity is about walking hand in hand with another individual so that together everyone can reach their full potential.  It is not about judging who is perfect or not perfect.  It is not about thinking we have some new age or spiritual concept that others should listen to and follow without question.  It is about being pure and human and real.

If we don't help, we're not helping humanity.  We cannot continue to sit by in the land of make believe and spew words or thoughts into the air as if somehow that's all we need to do.  Being real and being human will have a far greater affect on this world, than any mantra or thought or belief system ever will.

It is time that we begin to practice being human.

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