Monday, November 17, 2014

Chill Out Day At The Ocean

Today was a day just to be with nature.  Today was a chill out day walking by the ocean, feeling the water touching my feet and soaring with the birds into the sounds of ocean waves.

The sun peaked in and out of the clouds in the far off distance as the wind gently brushed my face.  I smelled the ocean breeze and it was refreshing and invigorating.

The coolness of the sand in October and the feeling of the water as I waded along the shore.  The sounds of the people playing and talking and running.  The sounds of the people just observing the birds as they were flying through the air.

For some reason, I'm drawn to the waters of the ocean.  For some reason, I'm renewed by the sounds and the sights and the feelings I get when I'm near the ocean waters.  I feel engulfed by something much greater than myself.

In difficult times, I need that reassurance that the waves will come and go and that the sun will glisten upon the water.  In difficult times, I need to see the birds soar and feel the power of the ocean as it stretches beyond what the eye can see.

Today was a day just to be in nature, observing and feeling and being.  Today was a chill out day, taking a break from the stresses of difficult moments.

Thank you ocean for being there.  Thank you clouds and birds and the sun for displaying yourself for me to see.  Thank you sand and water for the refreshing touch upon my feet you give me.

Some days like today, the ocean helps me to find solace and peace.

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