Monday, December 1, 2014

Inexcusable Mistake Of Ray Rice

I can't speak for this "sports figure" or any other "man", but I can speak from experience.  You see, as much as some may believe Ray Rice, those who have been through things similar to this, know the hidden truth.  You can choose to believe whatever you want, but in the end, the truth is the truth.

See, when Ray Rice says, "I made an inexcusable mistake" - my bling blings go off in my brain.  Sure, I hear you.  A mistake!  I mean after all, come on!  You start throwing them punches around and pushing and shoving someone and well, you know - mistakes happen.  The other person just gets in your way.  Its an honest mistake.  If the other person wouldn't have gotten in your way, none of this would have happened.

Yet, when someone accepts full responsibility for their actions as Ray Rice says, then it almost negates the previous point.  I mean, full responsibility would mean that those punches you're throwing around would never touch an innocent person.  So, I'm still trying to figure out how you can have it both ways, but hey when it comes to throwing the truth around and up and down, does it really matter if the two things don't match.   Apparently not from the looks of this story.

Oh yes, you've got the complacent person that stands by the one throwing the punches and shoving you around.  After all, they can't help it.  The devil made them do it.  There just wasn't enough room in that elevator to move.  So see, the complacent person needed to be smarter and get out of the elevator so they wouldn't get hurt.  When will complacent people ever learn? (end sarcasm string for a moment)

Before you think I'm making fun of domestic violence survivors, let me make sure you are crystal clear on how I view abusers.  I grew up in a house where I saw my mom kicked around, beat, shoved and hit.  Every time, the abuser would come back and say he was sorry and promise that it would never happen again.

After all, the devil made him do it, so he would once again go to church and confess his sins.  He would pray to God asking for forgiveness and I guess God always forgave him.  Until the next time of course...  God seemed to not mind forgiving him every time he made these "mistakes".  I wonder if God forgave him for his trips to the local town bar after the sins were committed?

Regardless of how many times the "inexcusable mistakes" were made and how many times God forgave him, the one thing in life that was certain was, that he would do it again.  Fortunately my mom survived, but my grandmother wasn't so lucky in the presence of her abuser.

It makes me sick to see these abusers go on and on and continue doing these things, only to be coddled and accepted in our society.  Yes, for now Ray Rice can go back to work and I bet that someone out there will eventually hire him.  They always do.  And I bet that people will continue to support the teams that hire him, because after all, we need to give him a second chance.

Yep, lets give him a second chance and see how many chances the victim gets.

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