Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Everything Is Bad

I am always amazed at the doom and gloom blog posts and internet news stories.  Hopefully this isn't a doom and gloom one as well.  It bugs me though when places that really have a lot of good they can share, claim this product or that product, or this business or individual or practice is bad.  Everything is bad it seems like.

For awhile I was following Food Inc on Facebook.  At first I was like, this place has it going on.  Unfortunately, I began to read more and more of their articles they posted, and quickly realized that much of what they write, is inaccurate.  They skew it one way or the other but they write without having all the facts.  Some of these issues they write about, I know from a firsthand account.

I don't understand why people do this.  If you come to me and start telling me everything is bad, more than likely I'm going to stop listening to you.  It is almost like the boy who cried wolf and then when the wolf showed up, no one came to help him.  You can't claim everything is bad and then expect anyone to take you serious.

In addition on this place, the writing was so poor and so biased, that the most basic of facts were ignored.  When that happens, I have no desire to read what is written, because it is a complete waste of my time.

Just because something is on the internet and it holds the ideals you may adhere to, it doesn't mean the authors have vetted what they are writing.  There are far too many cases of this.  While I know I write things on this blog that may be out of the mainstream, I try to write from my own experiences.  I don't necessarily try to present it as fact.

Each person needs to engage the brain and critique what it is they read, hear and are taught each and every day they are alive.  If you are gulping it down as if it is all good, then your brain is missing a few beats.  We need to challenge each other to help each other grow.

I don't care how many people say they are enlightened or how many businesses and online marketers claim this, unless you allow yourself to be challenged and critiqued, enlightenment has done left the building. It is high time we all wake up and realize that not everything is bad.

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