Thursday, December 11, 2014

The World Only Wants

The world only wants to see us in the way they want to see us.  No matter what is going on, the world just wants us to hide it, disguise it, and keep it out of plain view.

The world doesn't want to know were hurting.  The world wants us to put the big boy pants on and make it look like is all okay and that were pain free.

The world doesn't want to know were angry or upset.  Society wants us to keep those things to our self.  For they are our own to deal with and concerns no one else.

The world doesn't want us to shine the light of truth to the ugly side of life.  The world wants us to turn the flashlight off and act as if the ugly side doesn't exist.

The world wants all of us to share happy thoughts and present to the world that all is one big smiley face.  The world doesn't want us to show the rough edges of life or the difficult moments.

The world wants everyone to bask in the glow of the holidays thinking that all is well.  While we stuff our faces with food and unwrap our gifts, we seethe the emotions that are shoved below the surface.

The world wants us to know our place and that it is not upsetting the apple cart.  The world wants us to realize that following the status quo in whatever form that takes is what is both ideal to the sustainability of the world and expected.

The world doesn't want to talk about suicide or despair or depression or anxiety.  The world knows these things exist but only for those so troubled that they just don't see things correctly.  The world neither wants to embrace or reach out to those who are hurting.

The world loves fake reality and pasted on emotions of connectedness.  The world doesn't even understand what reality is, because it is so disguised that it makes no sense to anyone.

The world wants the beat to go on, the groove to be run, and the familiarity of a day to be the norm.  There is no room for anything but this in the life of the world and the inhabitants.

The world wants change, but they only want others to change.  There is no wanting or desiring to see what it is in within each one that is welcomed.  The world must go on without anything standing in its way.

The world doesn't really want to see the people put on pedestals or the heroes of the day to fall.  After all, their heroes and revered people must carry on the facade of life.

The world doesn't really want to understand all there is to know in life.  It is much easier to hide behind the fakeness and pettiness and be far removed from actual reality.

The world doesn't want to truly understand the unknown.  They would rather see what it is they can only see today and see what they've been taught to see.

The world doesn't want to think about those things that are contrary to what they believe to be true.  Whether it is religion, politics, or daily life, it is much easier to just follow the dictations of what was taught, rather than learn something new.

The world doesn't want you to know more than you currently do.  Being cloaked in the darkness or ignorance is a good thing for the continued stability of all that the world holds dear.  Truth is the enemy of the world.

The world may never know more than it does if it keeps subscribing to the shared happy images of social media and acting as if just thoughts and sending out love is more than enough.

The world doesn't want to know that they impact every living creature on this earth, every human in the remotest place on the planet and the skies, birds, stars, and universe.  The world would rather have their cake and eat it too.

The world doesn't know what truth is but it teaches others as if it does.  It proclaims to all other inhabitants that it knows so much.  It puts on the lights and performs the actions, but all the time, it is just stroking its own ego.

The world doesn't really understand what compassion is.  Compassion is often so fake that a knife could cut through it like butter.  Compassion comes from deep within the heart.  It is not a string of beautiful sounding words.

The world is not interested in taking care of one's self because it is far easier to numb the mind and body by staying busy every moment of the day.  It is much more difficult to allow a body to stop, sense, and feel.

The world acts as if it knows so much about healing and mega dollars are spent on things such as prescriptions, tests, doctors and procedures to prove it is so.  It doesn't understand that true healing comes from within the mind and body.

The world acts as if some understand what healing is and through mantras and derived money making procedures, they convince others that a few moments of relaxation is the entire healing process.  They have the blinders of ignorance on and can't even see the forest for the tree standing in front of them.

The world acts as if everything will go on forever and ever.  There is no need to be concerned with what will happen to this planet one day.  It is much easier to just ignore it and hope that it won't happen in our life time.

The world acts as if violence and more guns and more wars are the answers to our own shortcomings.  It is after all the way to prove that you're right and others are wrong.  Deadly violence of course is the ultimate winner in the game of violence.

The world thinks that conquering a poor defenseless animal and mounting it as a trophy is what makes us strong.  It isn't concerned with the dead spirits of the animal that haunt the planet, our lives, and our future.

The world does not want to wake up.  It would rather stay hidden from the big moments and the little ones.  It isn't just the wars, but the individual moments where we disconnect with the truth in our own mind and body.

The world doesn't want to truly sing with joy and knowledge.  It would rather cower in the habits and teachings and beliefs regurgitated and passed down from one generation to the next.

The world is each one of us.  The world is the planet.  The world is the animals, the trees, the birds and the skies and the seas.  The world is how we treat one another.  The world is how we care for ourselves.

If we truly care for the world, we will open our eyes.

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