Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Listening To Those That Know

Seeing the recent assassination of the two cops in Brooklyn, I'm not only saddened by what happened, but that the warning flags were ignored.  There have been far too many events that have unfolded and the warning signs were there, but no one noticed them.  Listening to those that know something is critical in our world, I believe.

All too often, no one wants to see the unpleasant side of life.  They immerse themselves in thoughts and mantras that only see the happy part of life.  Unfortunately while that may be a good thing to do, it is dangerous.  As a result, we can miss the simplest of signs that may save someone's life or the collective world at large.

Leading up to 9/11, I was getting horrific nightmares of violent scenes that would wake me up in the middle of the night.  I just chalked them up to bad dreams and didn't think anymore of it.  It wasn't until the morning of 9/11, that I found myself walking to the TV and turning it on as the first plane had hit the tower.  I never turn the TV on at this time of the day.  It was instinctive that I did this.

I realized at that moment that the scenes I saw playing out on TV were what I had already seen in my nightmares for days and weeks leading up to that day.  While the horrors played out, there was a relief in me knowing that my nightmares would end.

I've talked to others that have had similar experiences and actually tried to call law enforcement in the country, but were ridiculed and mocked.  Its very sad when this happens because sometimes, there are those of us who pick stuff up.

I wish the government would have a way to contact them with these "visions" and not ridicule someone because they don't believe that this is possible.  Even if they just recorded the information in a collective way, the frequency of these tidbits of info might give more of an advanced early warning system.

However, we as a society and human population tend to hide our heads in the sand and clouds.  We fail to see the obvious that is right in front of us.  Some of us still see that and maybe one of these days, others will start listening to those that know.

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