Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Reason For The Season

Okay, I know not everyone does this.  I know that some keep the balance but still love Christmas and the holidays and shopping.  I'm not one of those.  And this blog post isn't about those that keep the balance.

Unfortunately for all too many people, the reason for the season is about buying stuff and getting stuff and getting more stuff and buying even more stuff.  I know, it makes the economy go round and round, and after all, isn't this what is written in the Bible and preached in the churches.  The reason for the season is all about buying all kinds of gifts and hoping that your loved ones will love you even more.

Now, if I'm offending you and you're not one of these people, please go back and read the first paragraph again.

From the looks of Black Friday which now begins on Thanksgiving, there are no shortage of people trying to get their greedy and selfish little paws on everything they can.  They do it at whatever cost it takes, mauling people in their path as if this is the last item on the shelf and its a necessity.  I see the videos and news reports just like everyone else and in my mind, its rather sickening.

What's worse though is if you go to yard sales or thrift stores or estate sales in the months after, you'll see all these "must have holiday items" sitting on the shelves for next to nothing.  The shopping was so important and now the items are begging to find a home for bargain prices.

Some like to claim there is a war on Christmas, while they go off shopping for all they can buy.  Some like to claim that Jesus is the reason for the season, while trampling fellow shoppers to get that low price on some inanimate product.  I just shake my head at all of it.

Growing up, my Mom set aside some of her hard earned money to buy us a few gifts for Christmas.  Yes, that included underwear, shirts, jeans and things like that.  In those days, these items were hard to come by and were often welcomed.  In her wise shopping practices, she would usually buy us something special which for me often included some type of craft or item that would push my creative brain.

I cherished those moments because they were real and thoughtful and were the true reason for giving a gift.  They were done out of love and not out of selfishness or greed or ego.  Because of this, the items meant a lot and made Christmas morning very special.  Later on, things would change and then gift giving would become a nightmare, but in the early days, it was a beautiful thing.

I have not even promoted my own CD's and books this year because I don't want to be just another person peddling stuff to everyone.  I feel guilty if I'm part of this greedy retail reason for the season.  Yet, I know my items are special and are a part of my heart.  They weren't just created for greedy reasons.  They were created from things that really matter to me.

Maybe we all have to remind ourselves what truly matters.  If this was your last day on earth, would a new flat panel TV be your only focus?  Would a new smartphone or game box or movie be the only thing you would think about?  I'm not saying that you can't enjoy life.  I'm just asking each one of us to remember the balance in our life and what truly matters in the moments we have today.

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