Monday, December 22, 2014

Letting Go

Once again, I'm met with challenges in life.  Aren't we all!  Its never easy it seems whether it is work related, family, business or just every day life.  Some days are easier and carefree than others, but some days just create drama.

I realize it is all part of my own growth and learning process.  Letting go, just isn't easy for me.  I often feel the emotional entanglements of everything going on around me.  I often feel what others feel to the degree that sometimes it clouds my own comprehension of what is going on within me.  I know that and I get it, but sometimes it doesn't make it any easier.

A recent situation came up and it was one of those that could have easily taken me under.  I really tried not to shield myself from what was going on and staying engaged with it, but I tried to not become emotionally attached to it.  Letting go was something I was working on.

This doesn't mean I don't have compassion or I don't care.  Quite the opposite!  It means that I want to be there for those that need that extra dose of help, but I am taking care of myself.  I'm making sure I don't get consumed by the fire, because if I do, I can't be there for anyone else.

I believe for the first time, that I may just be figuring out how to approach these things in a healthy way.  No, this isn't a mantra or feel good way to approach it.  This is coming from my core and my own consciousness of what I have learned over the years.  It is part of my own healing and getting rid of the chaff that remains in my own life.

It isn't about shielding myself and hiding from things in life that are uncomfortable.  Its too easy to hide and disconnect from life, rather than going in and cleaning out the closets of life.  Its too easy making new age concepts fit for your rather than being there truly for others.  If you block yourself from being part of life, you're really not there for anyone.

All the intense healing work that I go through is aimed to help me truly rid myself of baggage that I (along with many others) carry through life.  We all have it, even if we grew up in the best of circumstances.  Each day we collect it or it gets dumped on us.  The key though I believe, is to learn how to physically dump it from our life.  Again, not just a feel good thought practice that does this.

Another situation came along as well that left me feeling hurt and angry.  I acknowledged these things and then I was able to go in and say, here is what I will do - I'm not going to hold the energy of what transpired within me.  If this business wants to act through their own ego and claim enlightenment, then that is their choice.  It is my choice to not maintain a close relationship with them.

I can let go and its okay. 

Their dysfunction doesn't need to be my dysfunction.

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