Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pharmaceutical Sick Care Loves Its Drugs

How dare you!  How dare you!  You're talking smack about my drugs.  They keep me alive.  They maintain my life.  They keep me and my friends from dying.  How dare you!  Just who do you think you are?

I see all the time how people talk about pharmaceutical companies and medical care providers as being evil.  In many respects, there is much truth to it, but I still believe at the heart of all that is good, there are people who want to do the right thing.  Corporate greed and profits of course get in the way and has degraded health care into a dependence upon medications.

Are all medications bad?  I don't think any of us can answer that.  If you're a diabetic, would you consider insulin a bad thing?  Probably not.  Are all antibiotics bad?  Probably not.   Are antibiotics over prescribed and over used?  Absolutely!  I don't want to take one color and paint all medications in one light or another. 

Unfortunately most (the majority) of humans don't take care of themselves.  They eat poorly and they burn the candle at both ends.  If that isn't enough, they do very little to go in and clear residual stress and energy that has built up over a lifetime from their body.  They constantly push themselves far beyond their limits.

The result is that the body breaks down little by little.  We often don't see that because we truly don't live in our bodies.  We just go on acting as if we are completely separate from our bodies.  The junk we shove down our stomachs and the way we treat our bodies is atrocious.  It is no surprise that we end up in the doctor's office, needing procedures and medications of all kinds to keep us functioning.

Of course, too many think that modern day medical care is the end all to keeping us alive and healthy.  If that were true, we would be getting healthier as a country and as a world.  Unfortunately we are at record spending levels each year in health care and were not getting any healthier.  So, one needs to ask themselves, are medications really helping us or are they prolonging us from the point of not taking care of our bodies.

While proper eating habits and exercise are wonderful for the body, there is far more to it than this.  It isn't just about alternative health practices.  Some of these work and some don't.  You have to balance all parts of your life, but to put on the blinders and act like "alternative health practices" are the only saving grace is basically hiding your head in the sand.

Many alternative health practices are fads based upon half truths.  There are many elements of truth in them, but not all is accurate.  Too many people practice things that make them feel good but they are nothing more than the placebo effect.  Do they hurt?  Probably not!   However, they are not the entire story.

We all go through our life picking up baggage along the way.  Most don't ever begin to get rid of what they pick up and after some time, it weighs heavily on the body and the mind.  Even if someone is aware of this, most don't even understand how to let go or have the necessary tools to do this.  It isn't just a mental exercise either.

With time, the baggage begins to impact the physical body because it can only take so much for so long.  The individual then needs to begin looking for ways to numb the body, shut off systems which have gone awry in order to survive.  They don't realize that if they go through processes to clear these things from their mind and body that they will find something much greater than they know.

To sit there and claim that chronic pain is normal and something you have to live with is based upon nothing more than fear that is instilled into us as a society.  Health and healing is far beyond where we currently understand.  It is much more powerful and available then most want to realize.

Yes, I know it is easy to expect the doctor to treat us and take care of us.  We've been conditioned that way since we were a baby.  Denying the ability to listen to ourselves and take care of ourselves in all aspects does not negate the fact that current modern day medical care is more about sick care, than it is health care.

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