Monday, December 8, 2014

Spanking Hurts

I see posts on social media where people claim that the discipline they went through as a child didn't harm them, so why should they do any different with their children.  They feel that spankings were a necessary part of their learning experience as children, and it should be passed on.

Unfortunately, even though I don't have kids (and I am being upfront about that), I think spanking hurts a kid more than it helps.  I think it is hurts the children long term and it sets them up for many failures in life as well as the potential to do more harm to others.

You can disagree with me all you want, but I've seen firsthand the effects of children being hit, both in myself and on others.  You may claim your version of spanking is not like what I went through, but in all reality, I don't think it matters.

You see, the body remembers what happens to it, even if our conscious mind doesn't.  The cells record everything and the brain files it away with all the other emotions and experiences that are going on in a day.  You can't separate the two out.  They become intertwined and intermixed with one another to the point that all the lines are blurred.

I've seen people (including myself) that have had to deal with the affects of hurtful touch on their bodies many years earlier.  It isn't fun to deal with as you get older.  It is painful to undo what was done.

I've seen people comment that it doesn't affect them and to that I say phooey and baloney.  I think people that say that are hiding from their own true consciousness.  Maybe they just haven't gotten to that point of discovery in their life and that's fine, but to say it doesn't affect you is like saying you can jump out of a plane and land safely on your own two feet.  It just ain't so!

To me, spanking and hitting and screaming at your children sets them up for emotional issues that surface later in life.  Sure, the issues may stay just below the surface and show up in so many ways that we never connect what was done early in life and what is showing up now.  I'm a strong believer that this affects our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

I know not many agree with me and that's fine, but I just can't sit here and leave this side of the issue void of a voice.  I've seen far too many people struggle to regain a true connection to touch in their own body.  There are far too many that don't actually feel touch and I've seen that among people who look like they have it all together and those that don't.  I've seen it across all kinds of people from every background and cross section of life.

Its truly sad what we do unto others.  It is truly sad that we don't wake up from our own childhood and learn how to do things better.  We tend to repeat that which we were taught and witnessed from a baby on to our adult years.  It is part of the human experience.

Unfortunately, there is no reason we have to stay asleep and continue what we were taught.  We can CHOOSE to do something different if we want to and if we put our minds to it.  There is far too much violence in this world and too much of it begins in the family.

I'm sorry if I am making anyone uncomfortable reading this, but I just can't stand by and see this B.S. propagated on social media.  Let's wake up and learn what it truly means to be human.  Let's change the world by becoming more human than we are now.  There is no excuse for any of us.  We all make the choice to do this or not do this each and every day.

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