Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When Life Becomes Worry

I've been in this place so many times in my life.  In high-school, I was admitted in my senior year because of what they initially thought was appendicitis.  Later, just in the nick of time before surgery was to take place, they realized it was nothing more than an ulcer.  Okay, nothing more than an ulcer sounds minimizing.

When life becomes worry, its difficult.  I know.  I've been there.  When life becomes worry, it isn't easy to find the way out or the door that opens to a world beyond this.  Life becomes a big giant that can be slain with a small stone, but is often so fearful and large that we run for cover.

Of course later on in life, I never learned how to get rid of worry and so I would get headaches (migraines) and all kinds of stomach issues and I even ended up going all the way to holding stuff in so much that I went through a Conversion Disorder.

Everyone told me in high-school as they counseled me on what I should do, that I needed to get rid of stress and worry in my life.  I remember laughing in their face.  Of course, I would then ask them how do I not worry?  No one really had a good answer for me.  They gave me some "happy thought stuff" and it all seemed so fake to me.  There was nothing concrete to do.

When life becomes worry, happy thoughts aren't going to do the trick.  Its kind of like someone hanging from a tree branch and you offer them some knitting yarn to grab on to.  While it may feel like you've done something good for them, most likely the yarn isn't going to help them much at all (if at all).

Each person who struggles with worry and stress has to find their own way through it.  No one can solve that issue for them because it is something inside of that individual that has to change.  You can be there and help and guide and offer assistance, but in the end, when worry is the issue, the individual has to learn how to change things.

One of the best ways to start is take a good hard look at life.  If what you are doing and how you cope with things is not working, dump it!  Dump it in a hole!  Find some other way that helps you deal with stress in life.  Maybe most things look odd and maybe you're not sure if they work, but what do you have to lose at this moment.  It's worth a shot to try things until you find the right recipe for your own life.

The next way to start helping yourself is by getting regular bodywork and I mean releasing / deep bodywork done on yourself.  All the worry and stress in life gets stored in the body and even if you realize it from an intellectual level, its much deeper of an issue than just what you understand.  You've got to go to the source and that requires connecting the felt sense of the body with the physical body.

Finding more balance in life will help ease through the difficult moments.  Life isn't always easy and so in order to weather the storms, you need a well built boat.  You will find that well built boat by finding balance in life.  Search for things that makes your heart sing.  Search for things that make you smile so hard that you face muscles get a workout.  You may not find these things looking in the places you've already looked.  They may be different than what you expect, but lift up the rocks on your pathway and uncover them.

Exercise and eating right are equally as essential because if you put your body through more physical stress, you're only adding to the problem.  Sure, this one is easier said then done, but it is important.

Most of all, know that whatever situations you may be facing, this too shall pass.  We can't control everything that happens around us or too us (please pause while I remind myself of that point).  We can't stop events or situations from taking place.  If things in life become too great, more than likely they will pass at some point.  When or how or in what manner is something we will most likely not understand until after the event has passed.

When life becomes worry, it is time to hunker down and find a way to ride out the storm.  Once it passes, don't be surprised if the landscape looks different, and a greater peace enters your life.  We often look at the situation we are in and think that this is all there is.  When we do that, we miss the part where life does work out and the experiences we've encountered become our teachers to greater moments of truth and awareness.

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