Monday, September 29, 2014

Corporations Lack Of Respect

Call me naive, but I believe we are in this world together and we need to begin acting like it.  Whether it is people killing each other or learning to hate one group over another, we're all the same on this thing we call planet earth.  Corporations are no different.

Corporations often show a lack of respect towards the very customers they try to woo into their bottom line.  If corporations are people as the political pundits suggest, then maybe they should start acting human.  I realize that these days, its all about profits and anything to do to bring a dollar into the establishment is what matters, even if the corporations suggest otherwise.

Take for instance, the U2 album on Apple that was pushed on to every device.  Some are angry because this happened and some can't understand those that are angry. Each group is free to feel whatever way they need to, but I think the news media is sensationalizing this issue with hyperbolic words.  While it may be brilliant marketing, it was not thought out well.  Apple treated the iPhone devices as if it was their property that they could do whatever they wanted.  Just imagine if they would have put out a tweet that for a limited time, you could download the U2 album.  Imagine what would have happened.

If I was another corporation that wanted to increase my bottom line, I would be learning how to do the same twisted thing that Apple did.  Just think of an example where a furniture retailer sells you one piece of furniture.  Then, they decide you need a new piece of furniture and the next thing you know, they have delivered it into your home without your consent.  Maybe you wanted it and maybe you didn't, but if we learn from Apple, it wouldn't matter.

Moving on to some contract companies I see my friends work for, where they are treated with little regard for their own personal life.  These companies don't respect the resources, also known as people or humans.  I know a friend of mine who is getting run all over the countryside and are almost exhausted.  Yes, they need the work and income and these companies know that jobs aren't easy to come by these days.  However, there is no concern with the resource person having a life.  Its like they are trying to kill the resources all in the name of profits.  I feel for my friends because they have become less than human.  It isn't just one contract company either as I've seen many friends deal with this in many different corporations and companies.

Consider customer service in many companies.  Wait, lets say in almost ALL companies because there are very few that don't fit this scenario.  Too many corporations show a lack of respect with customer service.  If you can find a place to email a company these days and aren't limited to 100 characters, you're doing good.  Most places though will be quick to auto-respond to you and prove that they received your message.  Unfortunately, after that you may not receive a response or you may get someone that doesn't read the issue before them.  It just feels like no one in these companies really cares and its all one corporate shuffle lacking respect for their customers and clients.

How about these news websites that think pushing ad after ad in front of your face is why you came there in the first place?  I'm not talking about a few ads, but intrusive and continual ads.  Our local newspaper does this to us even though we subscribe to them.  This is yet, another example of how corporations lack respect for their customers. 

I could go on and on with example after example.  I could name many names here.  I've heard many corporations act as if they care and have all kinds of "news releases" and "slogans" portraying this.  They show off in their websites and company activities making you believe they are really human.  At the end of the day, its nothing more than profits that drives their actions. They are not human and not value added members of the planet earth.

Maybe one day the corporations will wake up before its too late.  However, I'm not going to hold my breath in the meantime.  I'd probably die first before this happens.  Call me cynical if you want, but I have way too much proof and evidence on my side of the argument.

Will the right people read this blog post?  I'm not sure.  If they read it, will they act positively on it and by that I mean, just don't create another news release with glitz and glitter. 

Its truly time that the inhabitants on this earth need to start realizing what matters and learning how to become human.  Whether it is corporations, organizations, politics or every day life, if were not human, what are we?


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