Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toxic People

Sometimes you just have to let go.  I mean, really let go of toxic people who purport to be everything from the greatest saint alive to the most gifted new age healer.  You probably have met the type in more ways than one, but sometimes you just have to let go of them.

Toxic people are everywhere these days.  What do I mean by toxic people?  They are individuals who have not necessarily healed their lives or partially done so and then they project all of that "stuff" or "baggage" on to others.  They often do it unconsciously and if you were to point it out to them, they would not recognize it in the least bit.  In addition, if you pointed it out, they would most likely become hostile towards you in one way or another.

Toxic people are good at convincing others that they have something everyone needs.  Yet, they are horrible when it comes to practicing what they preach.  Its easier to work on the masses, rather than truly walk into the fears and issues they have in their own life.

Toxic people will tell you that they have it all figured out and that they've done all the work they need to do.  They will claim how well healed they are.  Yet, in the end, its only an illusion they are living.

Toxic people will often use "happy thoughts" and "phrases" to convince you to ignore your own reality.  They don't like looking at reality, because it isn't pretty and so if they can get you to ignore it, they don't feel threatened.  You see, anyone that lives in reality becomes a mirror that reflects to toxic people, things they don't want to see.

Toxic people often lash out towards others while proclaiming the love they have for all mankind.  They think its their duty to do this to save the masses, but they often lose site of what true love for another really means.  In all reality, they are just masking their own self hatred and nonacceptance of their own soul.

Toxic people make it known that they have the answers that everyone must (or should) follow.  No forgiveness is given to the individual who seeks to find the answers deep within their life.  For the answers to life we seek do not come from toxic people or other external factors, but they come from within us.

Toxic people spread their toxicity in so many ways every day and most of it is so unconscious, they would not be able to begin to see it.  It permeates everything they do, say, and touch.  It becomes like an infection that others must strive to shove out of their way.  Toxicity becomes something that spreads slowly, little by little but with much force and power.

There isn't much you can do with toxic people.  They are who they are and until they decide to change, they will just continue spreading the toxicity around to everyone they meet.  All you can do is offer love to them and become all that you can be.  It isn't about them really, but about going into your own closets and cleaning out every nook and corner you can find.

For the more we learn our own truths and the more we discover within what is real to us, the more we will let go of our own toxicity.  Fear allows the ego to brainwash our consciousness, but it is through a conscious connection that we discover more about ourselves and continue to grow each and every day of our life.  Its more than just words, phrases, or thoughts.  It is heart-felt and biologically based.

If you think you have already arrived where you need to be in life, you just missed the train on the journey.  Proceed at once to find out when the next train comes through so you can catch that one.  We're all a work in progress, whether we realize it or not!

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