Thursday, September 4, 2014

We See What We Want To See

I hope that aliens from another world never read the comments posted on news articles, or the items shared on Facebook and Twitter.  If they do, I think we're all doomed.  Reading some of the things that show up on Social Media proves that we see what we want to see.  It doesn't even stop at Social Media as the TV and print news media is as big a part of this as Social Media.

From the Ferguson, MO situation where depending mostly upon your race, you see things in one perspective or another.  Just today I saw a video floating around showing one side of the viewpoint.  Many were sharing this from a major news outlet.  We see what we want to see even though we don't know what it is like to walk a mile in the shoes of the other person.

In the case of Gene Simmons who only thinks people should see depression and suicide through his eyes, we see what we want to see.  Its sad that people get this way, but it is yet another example.

Through the death of Robin Williams, his daughter got disturbing graphic images of her father that were Photoshopped.  How awful can humans get?  This is her father that just died by committing suicide.  I'm sure she's in enough grief the way it is, but again we see what we want to see.

Then you have the terrorists from the Westboro Baptist Church who are picketing Robin Williams funeral services and home.  They need to warn everyone to repent.  Okay, you've warned everyone, but if someone doesn't follow your narrow minded viewpoints, how does that hurt you?  They only see what they want to see and nothing else matters, not love or acceptance or respect for other human life.

When it comes to our daily lives, we only see what we want to see whether it is in modern medicine, new age thoughts, religion, or in the shallow shares on social media.  We have lost our way of being authentic in this world, and as group we are only harming ourselves by harming one another.  I'm wondering when we will begin waking up and stop seeing only what we want to see.

Surely there is more to be human then what we are currently displaying to the world.

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