Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are You Authentic?

In these current days, I see fake and I see a disconnect in the world around me.  Are you authentic?  I mean, really authentic?  Its easy to display one thing to the world, one to our friends, and one to people very close to us, but at the end of the day, are we really what we show we are.

Our actions often speak louder than our worlds.  I grew up with people who claimed to love Jesus and be the best Christians they could be, but their lives were often quite different.  What they said and did in public, was much different from what they did in private.  Many of their private actions were inconsistent with what they claimed and professed.  It is still that way to this day.  Again I ask, are you authentic?

We see the modern day world of marketing and glitz and reality shows.  Many think that these things are so real that they truly have the first hand knowledge that no one else has.  We see the media reporting and news punditry portrayed as if it is real and authentic, yet it is so far from this point, the lines are blurred constantly.

In our minds and our bodies, we often neglect what they need or what they are telling us.  We don't stop, listen, and feel.  We just go on about our day acting as if our physical and biological processes are infinite.  We burn the candle at both ends of the stick.  We stuff our bodies with food that many would reject without thought.  Our days are one blur of unconscious experience after another, while thinking we have the bull by the horns.  Are you authentic?

What you do in your day hopefully is what the world sees.  What you portray to the world should be obvious in your actions.  If the two don't match, you're living in a fantasy world far apart from a truly conscious mind and body.

For some reason, we live in a day and age where we feel we have to convince everyone through our words that we speak, without backing them up through the same actions in our life, that we know what we are saying.  Yet, we are sending a very unclear message to the world proving that our words and actions are at odds with each other.  Our actions always speak louder than our words and our actions give evidence if we are truly authentic.

Being authentic adds to the evolution of the world while being inauthentic detracts from the world.  Being inauthentic makes us less than human.  It separates us from one another and from ourselves.  In this day and age, we should focus on everything we do and continually ask ourselves, am I authentic?

I realize that in order to be authentic, it often requires us to be vulnerable and sometimes being vulnerable is scary.  Yet, when we allow ourselves to truly connect with one another through authenticity, we open up a world of deep connections.  We open up a world of heart to heart communication that transcends all the fears of this world.  In those moments of authenticity, we truly become human and that is what propels the universe into positive outcomes.

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