Monday, September 8, 2014

Gene Simmons Doesn't Understand Depression and Suicide

I can't believe what I've read and heard lately on depression.  When I read the comments from Gene Simmons, I truly believe he doesn't understand depression and suicide.  Either he doesn't understand and is so ignorant on the subject, or he silently suffers from it and isn't in touch with his life.

It really is sad that in this day and age, someone in a prominent position such as his would state something so silly and ignorant.  Then again, he is known to make shock and awe statements.  Maybe he wanted to amaze and wow people with his ignorance or he just needed the attention.  I have no way of knowing, but I find these comments disgusting.

Depression and suicide are real concerns.  People struggle with this because events in life become too overwhelming to deal with and the chemistry of the brain is changed.  Once the changes happen in the brain, the chemicals become unbalanced which leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental issues.  To suggest that this is a weakness or someone can just snap their fingers and get over it, involves one of the biggest lies someone can proclaim to the world.

At one time I suffered from depression so bad and I looked for ways to kill myself every day.  In fact, I tried suicide many times.  I had anxiety attacks just walking out of my apartment or trying to go in a store.  Things have greatly improved for me and even though I was on medication for a number of years, I no longer need the antidepressant medications.  I've learned how to change my body from the inside-out rather than rely upon the drugs.

Anyone who thinks Gene Simmons has an ounce of respect on this topic needs to pinch themselves to see if you are actually human or can feel anything in life.  I am sickened to read what I read and to me, this is not being human.  We need to discover compassion for humanity but often that begins within us.

If we are a mess on the inside, there is very little hope that we can offer authentic compassion to the world at that time.  It will not be until we go deep within and clean our closets out that we will hopefully find compassion buried in the dark corners.  The journey begins within each one of us.

I do realize that later Gene Simmons apologized for what he said, but see, that is the problem in our world.  You make outrageous comments and then apologize.  What kind of human does this type of thing in our civilization?  This should be the exception, not the norm.

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