Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern Day Drug Addictions

No one wants to talk about this subject.  No one wants to believe it is true!  Everyone feels that their drugs are theirs and theirs alone.  Don't intrude upon my world!  At one time, I would have been right in here defending the right to my own prescriptions.  Unfortunately, we are all living in a society of modern day drug addictions.

Of course, I do understand that some medications really help people and they save their lives.  However, there are so many that just keep people dependent upon them rather than forcing lifestyle changes that can accomplish the same thing in a much safer way.  I know, I know... you're probably wanting call me a nutcase and stupid and ignorant and whatever else you can think of to say.  I'm find with that, if it helps you validate your own dependence on medications.

Growing up,  my father believed in "taking over-the-counter meds" for anything and everything.  I hated all the stuff.  I often refused, but refusal was futile.  As I got older, I would try to lie and say that I had taken whatever it was my dad thought I should take, even though I had not.  He would often figure it out and make me take his pills according to his knowledge he deemed appropriate for whatever condition I had.  He was not a doctor, but he sure played the role of one.

When I was a kid of around 5 years of age, I went through a real bad infection after being raped the first time.  Since my mom worked in a hospital, she had an RN friend of hers administer antibiotic shots to me at her house.  Okay, I probably needed those because I remember being very sick with a high fever for a long time.  No one of course could take me to the hospital because then the world and authorities would have known what caused this condition.

I remember when I was on medication for a nervous stomach and ulcer condition in high school.  My home life was so overwhelming and because I'm a highly sensitive person, all of these things got to me in a big way.  After major diet changes, people would tell me I needed to learn to let things go and not get stressed out.  Yet, when I would ask in sincerity how to do this, no one could answer me.  They would quote the serenity prayer or some other little feel good thought, but they could not answer my question.  No one realized my home life was such a stressful environment and no matter how many feel good mantras I memorized in a day or how many times I read the bible or prayed, I was subjected to a living hell.  Thus, the medication became my life saving force.

Many years ago, I had allergies so badly, I could barely function.  Walking up a flight of stairs in the office building I worked in would leave me badly winded.  The doctor prescribed allergy medication which really helped, but it also made me so nervous and anxious that I could feel my heart beating rapidly.  Little did I know at the time, that this was a function of overwhelm in my nervous system and mind-body.

In the course of my own journey, I have been on antidepressant medications several times, but the last time that I took them was back in the late 1990's.  At the time, they saved me, but I remember one medical professional that said I would probably need them most of my life.  They were shocked when I was able to get off of the antidepressants.  I didn't like the side effects and I made major life style changes so I could get off of these drugs.

Sure, I know - if you're on a medication, it seems like you need this to live.  I'm not telling you to go and quit taking them tomorrow, but often we don't need what it is that we think we need.  Modern day drug addictions are worse than any illegal substance we can put in our body.  Please note, I am not a doctor and I'm not legally giving you medical advice.  This is something you have to learn for yourself and in your own way.

Medications often just suppress one part of the body's response to stress, trauma, experiences or other stimuli we face.  They generally don't heal the body.  Instead they just mask, hide, suppress, or cause the symptoms to go away.  While that may be a welcomed relief, they really don't get rid of the condition.  The condition is still there.  The pharmaceutical industry is a large one and is growing each year, but we are not getting healthier as a society in relation to its growth.

In my own life, I began asking the hard questions and dealing with it from a biological and physical realm.  I have not take medications for so long that I sit in amazement of how big of an industry it is.  I look for natural cures most of the time.  More importantly though, I realize that if some health condition is showing up in the body, that I need to go in and connect the felt sense of my body with my mind to heal it.

It wasn't all that long ago that I had a major rash show up which covered my entire body.  You can read more about these experiences in my blog post on Healing The Itchy Hand Rash.  At the time, I didn't think it could be healed without a doctor prescribing something for it.  Yet, I found out that when I connected my mind-body with the felt sense and went into what was trying to surface, my rash changed and healed almost instantly.  You could not have convinced me at the time that this was possible.

Modern day drug addictions are not good.  No one knows at this point, how all of these will interact as we keep doing them year after year.  There are too many unknowns and I think we're playing with fire.  You can choose to call me crazy if you want or ignore me, but when we pass the point of no return, life may get unbearable for many.  With many medications, there are side effects that are horrible and so we take additional medications to counteract other medications.

I challenge you to seek lifestyle changes and to learn what the felt sense is in conjunction with the mind-body.  We have far more power to heal ourselves from the inside-out then we even begin to realize.  It requires a shift in how we think and it isn't just a feel-good-positive-happy thought, but something that is grounded in the physical part of our body.  Challenge yourself to go beyond what you think is truth because you are probably short-changing yourself in life.

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