Friday, June 9, 2017

The Best Part of Dealing With Stress

This is the continuation in a series on allostatic load.  In part 4, we discussed the stress set point in the emergency danger zone.

If you haven't seen Part 4, go there first.

In Part 5, we will be discussing the best part of dealing with stress.

The best part about the process of dropping the allostatic load is that you get your life back.  You become more acquainted with who you truly are.  As you find healing, you also find peace and joy that you most likely have never experienced to that point.  You find rest for your soul and a purpose more connected with the greater good of humanity.  You end up discovering that there are more ways to keep your mind and body healthy that you never knew existed.

Of course, it is all up to the individual in how far they are willing to go and how much they want to change their life.  I am reminded of the saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make the horse drink.  The same holds true for healing allostatic load.  If you don't wish to change your ways and if you continue to ignore the messages of your body, you will be like the horse led to the water that won't drink.  There's not much anyone can do for you, and you will end up jumping from one procedure or medication to another with little to show for it.

The one sad part about healing this way is that I know of very few people who are equipped to do this work, and who have done the necessary work on themselves to be there for others.  There are many that pride themselves having on these skills, but when the going gets beyond difficult it matters if you truly know what you're doing or not.  I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but I can think of no better line than "healer heal thyself".

True healing in someone is not about getting rid of the pain or difficulty.  Instead, it is transforming that pain and difficulty into something that will bring about awareness and a stronger connection into the body.

Focusing only on getting rid of the pain is a form of disconnection that takes you to the edge of the cliff.  It is through feeling the connection deep within that you begin to interact and experience the body in ways you could never imagine.  It is through those connections that you begin to see a life beyond what you think is possible.  That's healing, and that results from dumping the allostatic load.

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