Thursday, June 15, 2017

Asleep With The Latest News Of The Day

This was one of the examples I used in the blog post on June 13, 2017, Are You Asleep?  This one is an epidemic in our country and most likely throughout the world, so it is important to bring up for discussion.

In this example, Louise has allowed the fear of needing to be up-to-date with the latest tidbit of news to keep herself asleep.  She doesn't realize she is doing this, but when you can stand back and see the bigger picture, it becomes quickly evident that she is asleep.

The news takes us into a dark hole of fear. It holds us there.  It is enticing because it uses all kinds of bright shiny lights and music that mesmerizes us.  Different people telling us how they think becomes how we think and all of this together drags us into fear that keeps us asleep.

At one time I had people in my life that said they never watched the news and I thought they were crazy.  I didn't tell them that to their face, but I thought it.  Yes, I'm being honest here.  However, several years ago we let cable go and we stopped watching the news as a result.

I could not believe how freeing it felt when we did this.  There was much more stress in watching the news, as each one of the pundits and guests they had on were screaming at each other as to what their opinions were. Being away from that felt lighter.  It felt more normal.

We don't realize just how much this is happening until we step away from it.  When we step back and let it go, it feels like freedom.  You begin to feel like you're getting your life back.

Now when I travel, I'll turn a cable news channel on and I end up with the conclusion, "I'm not missing much" by not having this in our house.  I get bored with it quickly because most of these news shows are not saying anything useful.  Most are repeating the same things over and over.  Few, if any, are even coming close to reporting the news.  It is all opinion.

Now, somehow without watching the news, I still seem to generally know what is going on. However, it is without all the noise.  Through Twitter I can see most things show up in a news feed, and in online news readers, I can see the headlines.  Beyond that, there isn't much that is useful.  I apologize to the media-at-large if this offends you, but it is the truth (and you know it).

When we see things in video format with facial expressions and music and words, it changes how our brain thinks.  Our brain is no longer awake and thinking for ourselves.  It is mirroring what we see presented to us.  It is being asleep with the latest news of the day.

If you're thinking I'm nuts, that's fine.  I don't take offense to it.  However, I'd challenge you to shut the news off for 30 days and see how it looks after that.  I bet you will see it differently.
Our body and our mind don't need this constant barrage of fear hurled at us.  We're only going to make ourselves more and more sick by stretching the nervous system beyond comprehension.  The mind and body need balance, not a constant bombardment of fear.

Knowing what is going on around us is a good thing, but bathing in it every second of the day is keeping us asleep.  It is not enlightening us as much as we may think it is.  May we wake up and treat our mind and our body with the respect that they deserve.

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