Friday, June 16, 2017

Asleep Statement Of You're Wrong, I'm Right

As with anything I write up here, don't just take my word for it.  Try it out and test it in your own life.  I don't claim to have all the answers.  I just speak\my own truth of the experiences I have been through in my own life.

In the example given on the blog post, Are You Asleep, from June 13, 2017 Thomas thinks that he is right and everyone else is wrong.  He uses his "labels" and "insults" to prove it.  He uses his view of the facts to prove it, but the bottom line is no one knows as much as he does.

This is sad and it is playing out every day in our world.  There is no listening to one another.  This is not being awake.  Everyone seems to be asleep at the wheel with the behavior they display online and to one another.  We will never make it as a civilization at this point.

Yet when you look at how Thomas behaves, there is no working together, even though he thinks he has all the answers.  He is so asleep that he alienates everyone who tries to understand what it is that he seems to know.  No one wants to listen for very long to someone that can only call names and hurl insults.

While it would be easy to assume that this behavior applies to issues that Thomas has in his own life, this is not an isolated moment these days.  Far too many people are partaking in this behavior.  Some come right out and say things, while others just forward and like the things people like Thomas say.

It is not behavior that is consistent with someone that is awake and conscious.  It is not behavior that helps each other strive to be more.  Rather, it is more of a bullying tactic with little regard and respect for other people.

To awaken from our sleep, we must realize that others have just as much value as we do.  We must understand that to listen and show respect, love, and compassion for others is what truly makes us human.  It makes us alive and full of hope and possibility.

Thomas thinks that he has to convince everyone just how wrong they are.  It is his duty to show them the error of their ways and not stop until they realize that.  For he knows that his world and everything else in the world depends upon his insight and knowledge.  No one else sees things truly like he does, and he believes that all are asleep.  Thomas will not consider for a moment that he is asleep.

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