Thursday, June 1, 2017

What Do We Actually See

It is far too easy to fool ourselves at times.  What we think we see and what we actually see are often not in sync with one another.  Our mind and our body have a good way of getting us to believe what we see, even if it is not the truth.

Whether it is in the latest "belief" of what is true in our society or politics or spiritual practices, often we have our minds made up and we're not going to allow anyone to introduce anything different to us.  We have our paradigms locked away in our box and that is it.

Unfortunately, the more we do this, the more we limit ourselves to what really exists.  There's no one that can tell you what exists in your world.  Many do try to do this and many will listen as if it is the truth, but the thing is, only you know what exists in your mind and body.

We are usually oblivious to it...

Even though we know what exists in our own mind and body, we are usually oblivious to it.  We've put it in specially marked boxes that only filter how it will appear.  Yet we think that with our filters we apply, that is how it is - end of story, period!

I was raised with a strict adherence to one way of looking at things.  I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt now that most of what I was taught would not hold water.  It would be like trying to carry water in a bucket full of holes.  Yet, it took me forever to understand that and now that I have, I am glad I finally came to my senses.

In the physical body, we often think that a doctor or healing practitioner or some other person has the answers to issues, illness, and ailments we face.  We don't realize that we hold the key to our own healing.  We see one way of looking at it, but we fail to see the entire picture.  We have our filters fully engaged.

If we are challenged...

Often if we are challenged to see beyond what we see, we come back and strike at the person.  We show them just how stupid they are in our eyes.  We hurl insults as if they are the ones that need to be enlightened.  We fail to see that it isn't about them.  They are only acting as a mirror to the depths of our own life.

It is up to us to allow ourselves to see beyond what we think we see.  It is through our own awareness and growth, that we begin to allow this.  It is through awareness that we become more conscious.

If you think you see your life clearly, you are probably chasing a mirage.  We need people who desire to truly get to know themselves from the inside out.  We need people in this world that truly want to be human, fully connected to every part of themselves, not hiding behind the filters we put up.

For when we truly see all that is in us, it is then that we are on the path of self discovery, growth and awareness.  Surely, to be human means that we are here to find our true potential and possibility.  Surely, we are not meant to hide from getting to know ourselves in every way possible.

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