Friday, June 2, 2017

Impacting Body Systems By Suppression

Humans are peculiar in how they treat themselves.  We often negate the power we have inside of us to heal our mind and body.  We too easily give our power up to others, rather than going in and doing the hard work to heal.

Yes, I know - It isn't easy to heal.  It is pretty tough work and very hard.  Whether it is mental struggles, child sexual abuse, or physical illness - it just is not an easy moment in our life.

Please know, I'm not going to say that all medical procedures or healing paths you are on don't work.  No way!  There are many core truths within each path that help us get to the next point.  The only thing is, we tend to stop on the bench along the path and forget to get back up again on the healing journey.  If you don't do this, well - I do!

I was not going to settle...

I still remember back to the days I was paralyzed from Conversion Disorder.  I could have stopped on the bench and said "that's it" and no one would have thought badly of me.  Yet, I knew that I was not going to settle for where I was.  I was not going to accept the condition I had.  I was not going to accept that I could not walk, move and barely talk.

One of the biggest problems I see in how we heal our mind and body is pursuing things that suppress one body system over another.  They keep us hiding from the true nature of what is going on.  The fear that arises when we hit these horrendous moments of what seems like an impossible dilemma is enough to take the strongest person down in a heartbeat.  I know - I've been there!

Fear and numbness...

Fear and numbness in our mind and body keep us from seeing more.  They suppress our body systems and draw us toward the things that suppress our body systems.  When we suppress things in our body, other body systems are impacted.  When you impact other areas, then you start flipping the wrong light switches within the body.

Of course, it requires great courage to go deep into what is happening and find the awareness that we need, but in the end - it is your ticket out of hell.  The things that just numb the pain and or illness further are not as healing as we try to make them out to be.  They are more there to disconnect us from what is going on, which is not even close to being a healing moment.

Impacting body systems by suppression of symptoms and conditions in our life is the norm in healing these days.  Yes, I did those things too and they helped me get to the point where I started to see there is more.  So, don't discount their effectiveness, but don't get lost in them either.

Healing our mind and body is much more than 99% of the world understands.  I wish it was a lower percentage, but I really am saddened by how I see humans attempt to numb and disconnect themselves these days.  It is not health.  It is not healing.

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