Thursday, June 22, 2017

Asleep To What We Put In Our Body

This is yet another example from the blog post of June 13, 2017.  In this example Amy Lou is asleep when it comes to her mind and body,and what she pours into her body.

It is one of the most common examples of being asleep that I think there is.  Most people do not even realize they do this and even if they did, they have no clue how to get out of it.  Diet programs and practices rarely help because people are not as conscious as they want you to believe.

Here is an excerpt from the blog post, Are You Asleep about Amy Lou.  Yes, she is health conscious because she drinks her diet sodas and consumes the low fat snacks and food as stated on the packaging of the food item.  Her body reacts with headaches and fatigue, but she blames this on stress and age, not on being asleep.

For a long time, I thought drinking soda was just as good as drinking anything else.  It was liquid and I knew my body needed liquid, so why did I need anything else?  I'd drink an occasional glass of water or some iced tea that had water in it, and thought everything was fine.  I didn't realize that I was just fooling myself.

Our bodies are made up of around 70% water, and yet we deprive it of one of the most basic things it needs.  All these other forms of liquids just don't do what our body needs.  It has to process and try to pull out useful water from what we consume.  This requires much more work and is often not very effective.

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body.  It is mainly what I drink now, but it took me some time to make the shift.  If I don't drink enough water in a day, not only do headaches show up, but I feel the fatigue and fog in the brain.

Another part of being asleep in what we do to our body is the food we put in it.  Far too much processed food is consumed as being "nutritious" when really it is not.  We fail to put whole foods into our bodies, instead hijacking with sugar and processed stuff that has little value.  I'm sorry if the food industry does not like that statement, but if you want to be healthy - increase whole foods you consume, not frozen and packaged and processed stuff.

Another asleep behavior is not reading the contents of what you buy.  If you do read labels, you are ahead of the curve, but you have to read every label.  I swear, they sneak stuff in all the time that makes me scratch my head.  Why we are obliterating our food, I'll never understand.  It is being asleep at the highest levels.  I'm not even talking about GMO's here.  This is more than just GMO.

You've most likely heard that what we put in us is what we get out.  Yet, we shove the unhealthiest junk into our bodies and then wonder why they can't keep up.  We've heard it a million times, but we discount and neglect it as something we should tell others, but not practice ourselves.

Even though I try hard not to be asleep, I still fail on this one too.  Yes, I do the smoothies every morning packed full of phytochemicals from whole foods.  That helps, but I still need to be aware and conscious of what I eat, and make sure whole live food is a major part of my day.

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