Monday, June 26, 2017

Barbara's Healing Journey

(Written by Insights Into Healing, Barbara)

I have been asked how I’ve gotten to where I am now on my healing journey.

Years ago, I was taking Paxil to overcome anxiety, but I wasn’t getting any better.  The Paxil only worked for six months to a year, at which time my doctor wanted to increase the dose.

Before too long I realized “if I take another pill it’s going to kill me or I’m going to lose my mind.”  I knew the pills weren’t fixing things, only making them worse.

Then a friend told me about Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute.  I made an appointment, not really knowing what would happen.  That was in September of 2010.

During my first time on the table there, I was directed to look inwardly.   I started listening to my body, and information started to come.  It was mindboggling.  The memories came pouring out!  When I voiced the memories, something within me changed.  I felt it immediately.

The impact was so great that I asked Dr. Canali, “Can you teach this work to me?”  He said, “first let’s work on getting you better.”  Dr. Canali was my guide to bringing me into my own body – to discover what I had stored there.

In that self-discovery of memories, there was a rhythm in my body that changed things.  It changed me.  It was like opening a valve.  The pressure was released, and all this tension and sickness came pouring out.  It was so simple, I could laugh about it!

Getting off Paxil wasn’t easy.  It took a couple of months.  I tried to quit cold turkey, but I got so sick that I thought I was dying.  I had to wean myself off the medication, but eventually I did it.   From there I continued to make lots of progress.

Looking back, I realize that if I can heal, anybody in the world can.  Healing others became my goal.

I’ve been working with Dr. Canali for several years now, helping others to get the kind of results I did.   I believe there’s nothing in the world that we cannot heal, which is something I will discuss further in my next blog post.

This is my first column here on the Mind-Body Thoughts blog.   Join me every other month for more insights into healing. 

See you next time!

 - Barbara (Insights Into Healing)

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