Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Emotions

This is a topic that touches me deeply from personal experience.  I read postings constantly from people who have good intentions, but in all reality the things they are writing hurt others more deeply then they realize.  This isn't anyone person, but a collective that I have seen from many different people.  It is almost like in order to be a new age healer or a new age thought person (or even a religious person), you must subscribe to this way of thought.

Too many claim that there are good emotions and that the bad emotions are just not healthy and should be eliminated from your life.  It is harming to those that struggle through some very rough moments in life.  It is damaging to the recovery and healing of those walking through some very treacherous ground and intense fire.

To claim any emotion is bad, is failing other humans.  In many ways, I wonder if the people making these claims are still giving residence to these same emotions, but attempting to hide it from the world.  I cannot speak for them.

Emotions are neither good or bad.  They are what is!   They are a part of our every day experience and our human life.  Hopefully everyone would agree that our emotions are but one part of our existence, our life, and our consciousness.  They are part of who we are and will change at any given moment during our life with the experiences we are facing.

The more we embrace our emotions, the more we will understand them.  To dish them as bad or something you should not have in you if you are some great spiritual healer, is completely absurd.  It is high time we stop shaming people about the emotions they have and what they display.

Yes, it may make you feel uncomfortable if anger is shown, but that's not the problem of the person displaying anger.  It is your problem.  It may make you uncomfortable to to see someone discouraged, but maybe that is what they need to feel in that moment as they move beyond whatever it is they are facing.  They may need a listening ear far more than a critical ear of shame.

We are all moving through events from our past and our current life.  They affect us in different ways.  What may seem like a bad emotion to one person, may be necessary to another person.  When someone seems stuck, they may be in that place for a reason.  It might just be that what seems stuck to someone else, is the person creating a clear map for the road ahead.

We have no way of knowing where the individual is that is having an emotion we may find uncomfortable in our own life.  To claim they are bad emotions, is to stigmatize the individual and harm their recovery efforts.  Every emotion is valid.  Every emotion should be realized and felt in that moment.

A funny thing happens when you embrace your emotions.  You realize that you get your mind in touch with your body and healing can happen at breakneck speeds.  Please don't harm anyone's path of recovery and healing by injecting your own securities, short comings and past experiences on them.

Allow the emotions to come out in whatever form they do.  It is the only way some people can learn effectively to get in touch with the raw emotion and find lasting peace.  The more we place the "shoulds" on how it must be, the more we limit the potential in another human being.

If you find yourself subscribing and listening to the new age speak of how bad certain emotions are, take a moment and see what it is in you that needs healing.  Often, the more we become upset by something in another person, the more it is a mirror into our own soul of places that need healing.

There is no room for judgement or critical behavior when we are walking hand in hand with another person through the fires of their own life.  It is the keen listening ear, the open and nonjudgmental heart that will transcend everyone into a higher vibration of life.

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