Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Nervous World

I'm noticing more and more just how much the world has changed.  Because of frightening events around the world, people don't feel very secure.  We live in a nervous world and it really is showing.  If you take a moment to observe this, you'll see it everywhere.

Whether it is someone speeding down the interstate acting as if that one second they will get to their desired location means more than life itself, or the person that has no time for a stop sign, you can see a nervous world.

It could be just someone not having time to connect with close friends and thinking that social media via Facebook or Twitter is all the connection we need.  After all, we have all these social media connections, but were often too busy to really connect with one another through the heart.  Again, we live in a nervous world.

For people to listen to the news, especially if they are highly sensitive people, it becomes way too overwhelming for most people.  I personally do not watch the news, because it feels more like the tabloid press than real facts that will make a difference in my day.  There is just too much opinion that is reported as fact for me to take it seriously.  In addition, way too much of the media is focused on sensationalism so people will tune in and support their sponsors.  Again, the media is one place where I see a nervous world that we live in.

If you watch some of the YouTube videos and vlogs out there, you can see the nervous world portrayed quickly.  The rapid speech in the videos talking about anything and everything, but basically saying nothing.  There are far too many taking up the space, but if they were not there, life would go on.

A nervous world allows each and everyone to stay connected to their smart phones as if they are a vital body part in our hands that we have to monitor constantly.  It disconnects us from our human interactions and leads us into a land of being alone.  It hinders our relationships when we fill the nervous void with a device that is not human.

There always seems to be a million things to do and take care of in our nervous world.  We don't slow down enough and as a result, our jobs, our groups we belong to and our friends/families become part of this hurried pace.  It isn't that anyone means anything bad, but it just happens.  We lose site of what is really important in life when we can't slow down and "smell the roses".

I know from firsthand experience that if we continue at this pace, it will catch up to us.  In fact, I was guilty of this recently and it caught up with me through back pain and illness.  We can only push our body, our nervous system and our emotional health so far, before it backfires.  Once it backfires, we go through hell trying to recover some sense of balance.

Let's make a pledge today, you and me, that we will take one minute out of our day and stop to smell the roses.  Let us watch the birds or trees or clouds in the sky.  Let us feel the warmth of the sun or the refreshing cool breeze of the wind on our arms.  Let us stop, sense, and feel for one minute in our day.  Surely that's not too much to do, is it?

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