Monday, October 6, 2014

The Ocean Is My Refuge

Some days, it is easy to feel like I'm all alone.  Some days I still struggle with moments of deep depression that makes my view of the world around me distorted.  Most days, I'm fine and I deal with life, but there is moments like the current where I feel like a whack-a-mole.

Then today, I had just a few brief moments and drove to the ocean.  The ocean is my refuge.  I love sitting there or walking close to it, seeing the vastness stretch before my eyes.  I love the feeling of the ocean air, giving life to my weary body.  I love the acceptance and possibility I get when I see the ocean.

Today, I took my brand new Canon T3i camera along with me.  Now, I'm no professional.  I barely know how to use this camera.  All these years, I've been using the simple point and click cameras, so this new camera is quite the thing to learn.  I'm learning at break neck speed and still feel like I'm completely lost.

This picture on this blog post was taken today.  It was just a ah-ha moment.  It was a spur of the moment, point and click using the "P-Mode" setting.  The sun was setting.  I was losing daylight quickly and I wanted to get a picture of the ocean with my new camera.  Sometimes I get lucky with a shot and sometimes I don't.

I managed to capture this picture and its breathtaking.  Its gorgeous as some of my friends have shared.  To me though, its that point of life where no matter what I may be facing, the ocean in all its beauty is there for me.  I imagine just waking up in the morning and seeing a scene such as this.  I am captured by the emotions and feelings that blanket me as I look at the picture.

I realize the picture I'm sharing in here is somewhat small, but I'm afraid if I give the full size version out, it will get used and abused by devious people.  Its a special picture to me, so for now I don't want to just give it away.  I may decide later to do that, but for now I'm being protective of my creation.

I hope that this picture just gives you a moment of pause and reflection.  I hope it gives you a peace and comfort for your day, especially if you're facing those rough moments.  Please let me know how this picture hits you or impacts you.  I'd love to hear those comments.

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