Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greed Makes The World Go

Doesn't anyone care?  Doesn't our world understand?  Or is it just become such an accepted fact that greed makes the world go?  I struggle to understand how we can sit by as a collective community in the world and be a part of this.

Do you have to put on a sack cloth and ashes in order to not be part of the greed problem?  Absolutely not!  I think there are people who have figured out life and have more to financially give then others.  There are people who have been given talents and skills and gifts to use in order to help others.  There are people who have been given bigger hearts to share and spread love throughout the world.

Unfortunately it is just too common to see greed living life to the fullest and sucking up every warm blooded person in its wake.  The attitude from the greedy, "I'm not sharing and what is mine is mine," is one that will doom our society and our world.  You can see this in various countries and parts of the world already and I believe you can see it in our own country.

The way people consume goods as if there is no tomorrow are doing nothing to help solve the greed and problems it produces in the world.  If you think all the manufactured goods (clothes, electronics, household goods, etc.) are all done in a way respecting human life, please proceed at once to a medical doctor and have your thinking organ checked out.  Too many of these items are produced in sweat shops with people working for next to nothing and being controlled and manipulated all day long.  It isn't a happy working place as we all might wish it is.

The corporate CEO's and the charitable organizations that pay their top people more money than most of us can even begin to comprehend is part of the problem.  Yes, a top person in a major company may be worth a lot, but in all reality if you are paying your people peanuts and you're living the high life off of their sweat, how can you live with yourself?   Are you still even human?

The charitable organizations that manipulate people into giving money to them for whatever the cause or doing gimmicks on YouTube or whatever it might be aren't helping.  Yes, if the money actually went to the "cause" it was for, I would have no problem with it.  Unfortunately if you research these charities, you'll see that often it goes to well paid individuals running the organizations.  The actual money going to fund the research or find the cures is way too small out of the amount of total dollars contributed.  I wish everyone would research this before they gave the money.

Greed comes in every form and size.  It is impacted by those on the high end of the income scale to those on the low income side.  In its simplistic form, the more some have, the more those that don't suffer in this world.  When one group or individual on our planet suffers, we all ultimately suffer.  For if part of our civilization is breaking down, the other parts can no longer sustain themselves.

I read the story about the Marriott Convention Center in Nashville getting fined $600,000 for blocking internet access to vendors while charging them $1000 for wifi internet access.  If that doesn't blow your mind, then nothing will.  We should all be outraged by this greedy behavior.  There is no other explanation than someone in the Marriott corporation who thought greed was good.  A little money is good, but a lot more is better.  I'm sure their owners and shareholders agree.

There are so many examples of this every day in our world.  If you stop consuming your day with the overdone news stories, you will see it.  It is there in plain view and you can either choose to be part of the problem, or part of the solution.  Just giving a few dollars here and there to someone or some group is not the only answer either.

It is more about our attitude towards what we purchase and consume, how we consume it and how we view all those around us.  It is more about how we see the bigger picture in the world of income inequality, and no it isn't a liberal or conservative issue.  It is anything but politics.

Today I found out my child that I had been sponsoring in Children International was no longer part of the program.  Most likely it is because the child could no longer participate as they have to work to help the family make enough money to survive.  As I saw the information card on the next sponsored child, I saw that the monthly family income was $104.  I'd love to see just how many Americans could make it on that.  I doubt there are very many that could.  The 1 percenters couldn't and I'm not even sure if most of the 99% could even do it.

Most people think that giving up a cell phone or cable TV is like being in poverty.  How little we understand these days.  We think that having pizza is a regular occurrence, and yet I bet this sponsored child's family never has pizza.  We think buying all this junk food, soda, beer and other stuff is normal, but I bet my sponsored child's family would think that is for the wealthy.

Again, we can't continue to live in a world where some excel in wealth while others barely have enough to eat.  This happens in our own neighborhoods.  It isn't always in some other country.  If we don't help one another and get our priorities straight, I fear that our world will crash down.

It is time to wake up!  It is time to begin to understand what being human means!  It is time to become human.

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  1. Well put, and makes all think. Thank you for being such a wonderful soul to make your readers and all to think. We don't have to drop dead to find out that life was not just about us. Blessings to you Don.






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