Monday, October 27, 2014

Promoting Things On This Blog

I get asked all the time to promote things on this blog.  While the products and ideas may be good, I am careful as to what I offer up here.  I don't want to be a blog where it is just about marketing things for other people.  I mean, that's not really the purpose of why I write.

Yet, I get people who just think that this is the sole purpose of anything on the internet.  I had someone asking me to promote something as an affiliate and I have no clue what the product is.  They were ready to send me "information" and "copy" that I could put in a blog post.  In my mind, I'm wondering how I could justify promoting something I don't even know.

There are people who want me to promote products because somehow they think that if I write about healing, I want to push all kinds of "product".  This could not be any further from the truth.  Yes, I've promoted some products on this blog, but there is a catch.  It has to be something that I found and when I did, it was extremely helpful to my life.

There is just too much scamming going on in the internet.  Companies and places think that if you have multiple people writing about your products and services, that this is what the world needs.  Yes, I know that it helps them rank in Google, but in all honesty, seeing 50 articles of the same content is annoying.  I think it is inhuman quite frankly.  I actually thought Google was trying to weed this stuff out, but I think it has only gotten worse.

While I know there are some great products and services out on the market, there are just so many that don't work.  I remember working in research and every company that came and pitched their idea to us had claims and studies and information to backup how great their stuff worked.  However, when we tested it in a real world environment, at least 85% of the products never justified the cost through our research results.  I'm not joking either!  It was eye opening to us.

Credibility is important to me and this blog is my credibility.  Yes, there are times that I write things and then later learn something I wish I would have known at the time of writing.  This is my process.  It is part of my own evolution.  Willingly going in and writing about something that I know nothing about is fraudulent and disrespectful to anyone reading this blog.

I'm not naming any names in this blog, but it would surprise you if you knew.  I will hold this in confidence.  I realize these companies are just trying to earn a profit, but I truly wish they would be better stewards of human respect and dignity.  The all-mighty dollar is not the most important thing and giving lip service to this fact doesn't cut it in my mind.   I hope they evolve and become more human.

I will always check things out that are sent to me but this does not mean I will promote it on this blog.  I'm very picky and if I don't see the benefit in my own life, I'm sure not going to be shouting about it from the mountain top.  On the other hand, if it is something that has changed my life, you can be sure that I will write about it.  Most likely, you won't just hear about it once either!

My hope is that those who market on the internet and run affiliate organizations will learn to respect humanity more and not just give lip service to it.  We all deserve the best.  We all deserve honesty, not a half-hearted attempt to appear honest.

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